Fast Retailing Careers

Marketing and Business Management
Developing strategies to meet ever-evolving needs, creating a new era of marketing and sales

Under the concept of LifeWear, we create high-quality clothing while striving to change society for the better. The fields of marketing and business management are the driving force in achieving that mission. We pursue value creation for both customers and society through the development of our groundbreaking products such as HEATTECH and Ultra Light Down, the planning and execution of business strategies in global markets, and by conveying the emotions and stories behind our products.

Making an impact on the industry,
creating a new era of customer experience.

Fast Retailing Group Executive Officer
Head of E-commerce Business and Digital Marketing

The future we envision is an e-commerce customer experience that is the same as visiting a physical store, where there is seamless provision of information that customers want both before and after purchase. Our goal is not simply to sell clothing, but for customers to wear and enjoy our clothing for a long time. Platforms such as StyleHint allow us to achieve this goal, by providing a means to suggest styling information to each customer, with the aim of delivering a personalized experience. We aim to create the ultimate purchasing experience by integrating digital marketing with one-to-one customer service in stores. As a leader in the industry, we aspire to lead the way into the future.

Connecting perspectives of customers and
creators,overcoming differences in values.

Fast Retailing Group Executive Officer
Head of Marketing

At the core of the UNIQLO and Fast Retailing philosophy is the relentless pursuit of what constitutes clothing that truly benefits the wearer. Our marketing connects the perspectives of product creators who hold this philosophy with the perspectives of customers. We translate the inherent value of our products into something that resonates with customers. What's unique to marketing at Fast Retailing is exercising our creativity to market products made with customers in mind above all else, which we truly believe will benefit them. It really is a one-of-a-kind workplace.