Fast Retailing Careers

Supply Chain Management
Aiming to create the ultimate supply chain, where “what the customers wants areis always available”

We aim to build the ultimate supply chain: not producing, transporting, or selling anything unnecessary.
By rethinking all the information we gather globally from the customer perspective, we challenge ourselves every day to become the world’s first company to always have available what customers want.

Our endless challenge:
always asking: “What is truly great clothing?

Fast Retailing Group Senior Executive Officer
Head of Production and Logistics

Our products only come together when there is collaboration between the businesses with whom we develop materials and the partner factories that bring our products to life. Essential within this is an ongoing relationship of trust with all stakeholders. When the intentions and wishes of everyone involved in creating a product are appreciated by our customers, the results can be seen – such as in the success of our signature items such as HEATTECH and fleece. However, at Fast Retailing, we don't stop after creating our products; there is a continuing drive for improvement. Working together with our business partners and everyone at our partner factories, we continuously strive to create products that can be worn for a long time, and that truly satisfy customers.