Fast Retailing Careers

Digital Business Transformation
Forging the future of the apparel business. Digital innovation leading to company-wide transformation

To realize the transformation into a Digital Consumer Retail Company, we need new customer-centric business processes and systems that focus on the future and encompass the entire business process from product planning to production, including logistics, as well as retail and e-commerce. In this field, examples include Business Process Re-engineering (BPR), which involves creating new mechanisms or revolutionizing existing methods; engineering, which involves internally developing and operating systems to realize these reforms; and data analysis and data science, which involve analyzing vast amounts of information in real-time and utilizing it to make informed business decisions, from creating systems to maximizing their potential. All of these tasks are however not limited to IT; a strong integration with business operations and commerce is vital, and problem-solving in the global business arena is expected.

Our mission is to revolutionize every aspect of the apparel industry by placing digital innovation at the heart of what we do

Fast Retailing Group Executive Officer

Our team’s mission is to create new systems for the company and revolutionize existing operations. Our work begins with looking towards the future of the company and contemplating what the next new operational framework might be. By utilizing systems to streamline operations whilst ensuring their effective implementation, we are able to transform processes across the entire company. We must then ensure that these processes are fully functional in all brands throughout the company, which is an enormous undertaking. Furthermore, this task is not only limited to our headquarters in Japan, we are revolutionizing the company's processes on a global scale. I believe that no other job could be as stimulating and fulfilling as this.

Optimizing the supply chain to deliver the highest value to customers through the power of digital innovation.

Director of Digital Transformation Services

By ensuring that customers receive the products they want, when they want them, our supply chain management is directly linked to customer satisfaction. That's why our firm belief in the value of doing good for the customer strengthens the bond between team members from diverse backgrounds and with diverse areas of expertise. Behind digitalized information lies the real world where things are actually in motion. We understand the importance of experiencing that reality firsthand in the field. Our supply chain reform is still a work in progress and day by day we continue to evolve towards our goal of achieving the world's best supply chain.

The answer to system development can be found through seeing and feeling the actual needs of customers, store staff, and employees around the world.

Fast Retailing Group Executive Officer

System development at Fast Retailing is based first and foremost on the people who use it. Our job is not just about development; it also involves determining how customers and users in the field will utilize the system and ensuring their satisfaction. Systems are merely tools; our ultimate goal is to create 'good systems' and 'good processes' that lead to tangible improvements in the lives of our customers and the way our employees work. Our system development is deeply rooted in the daily lives of people.

Born from diversity.
An e-commerce site for people all over the world.

Manager of Digital Business Transformation Services

As an engineer , the Fast Retailing and UNIQLO concept of MADE FOR ALL, is very important when it comes to building our e-commerce websites. Our products must be user-friendly for people from various cultures, customs, and backgrounds. And, as we engage with customers worldwide, our own teams are also composed of diverse talents. In an era where things change so quickly, it's crucial to utilize the various perspectives and ideas that each of us have to swiftly find the best solutions. Working with engineers from various countries and regions every day creates both a stimulating and creative environment.