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Contributing to Society through Clothing

Last Updated: 2024.02.09
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In order to maximize the power of clothing and ensure clothes are delivered to those who most need them, we collect clothing that our customers no longer use and donate them to refugees and internally displaced persons around the world, as well as to socially vulnerable people in the communities where our store operations are located. We also use the power of clothing to help disaster victims.

Clothing Donations

Reuse and Recycle Activities

Through our partnerships with UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, and other organizations, UNIQLO, GU, Theory and, PLST are able to put collected garments to good use by donating them to refugees and internally displaced persons around the world, or using them as a means of helping women and young people gain more independence, or as clothing relief in times of natural disaster. Our job is to pursue initiatives that ensure the clothes are delivered right to the very places that need them and can utilize them well. We donated approximately 4.16 million items in FY2023. That brings the total number of donations since our Reuse and Recycle clothing program began to roughly 54.63 million items (2006 to end August 2023).

Clothing Donations (Cumulative through August 2023)

54.63 million items to 80 countries and regions

Clothing Donations Through All-Product Recycling Initiative (Cumulative Through August 2022)

Afghanistan / Algeria / Angola / Australia / Bangladesh / Belarus / Belgium / Botswana / Brazil / Burkina Faso / Burundi / Cambodia / Cameroon / Canada / Central African Republic / Chad / China / Colombia / Cote d'Ivoire / Democratic Republic of the Congo / Denmark / Ethiopia / France / Georgia / Germany / Greece / Haiti / Hong Kong / India / Indonesia / Iraq / Italy / Japan / Jordan / Kazakhstan / Kenya / Kyrgyzstan / Laos / Lebanon / Liberia / Macao / Malawi / Malaysia / Mauritania / Mozambique / Myanmar / Namibia / Nepal / Netherlands / Niger / Pakistan / Philippines / Russia / Rwanda / Saudi Arabia / Serbia / Sierra Leone / Singapore / Solomon Islands / South Africa / South Korea / Spain / Sri Lanka / Sudan / Swaziland / Syria / Taiwan / Tajikistan / Tanzania / Thailand / Togo / Tunisia / Uganda / United Kingdom / United States / Vietnam / Yemen / Zambia / Zimbabwe (Alphabetical Order)

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Theory : Closet for Needs Program

Closet For Needs is a donation program that started in 2015 with the aim of collecting clothes around us and building closets to deliver what people need, when and where they need it. To date, we have assisted women and youth who are in difficult situations in Japan. These include women escaping domestic violence, women living in shelters and support facilities, and high school students living in orphanages. The clothes are collected from customers and displayed in a simulated store, where staff members offer styling suggestions and allow customers to freely choose the clothes they want. Furthermore, we hold an event in collaboration with a cosmetics company where participants can experience hair and makeup. In addition to providing the clothing necessary for daily life, the program also supports women to regain their self-confidence and independence, as well as the opportunity to enjoy fashion.

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Theory employee shows warm hospitality during a clothing donation

Emergency Disaster Relief

Fast Retailing springs into action in response to disasters in Japan and around the world, helping victims through the power of clothing.

Main Donations

Month/YearIncidentAmount DonatedPress Releases
January 2024Noto Peninsula Earthquake100,000 items including HEATTECH/STYLE-HEAT innerwear and warm clothing, JP¥100 million
July, 2023Heavy Rains in Akita Prefecture1,200 items, including T-shirts, bottoms, and underwear
February, 2023Earthquakes in Turkey and Syria€1,000,000 donation, 40,000 relief winter clothes
November, 2020Typhoon Goni and Typhoon VamcoUS$ 1,000,000 donation, 300,000 AIRism Masks
July, 2020Torrential Rains in Kyushu AreaT-shirts, bottoms, room wear sets, and other items News & Updates
October, 2019Typhoon No.19Approximately 70,000 sets of outerwear, fleece jackets and innerwear.Fast Retailing to Provide Assistance for Areas Hit by Recent Typhoon
September, 2018Hokkaido EarthquakeApproximately 17,700 sets of outerwear, fleece jackets and innerwear.Fast Retailing to Provide Assistance for Recent Hokkaido Earthquake
July, 2018The Japan FloodsApproximately 46,000 sets of T-shirts and innerwear.Fast Retailing to Provide Assistance for the Japan Floods
April, 2016Kumamoto EarthquakeApproximately 13,600 sets of room wear and innerwear.Fast Retailing Provides Assistance for the 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake
September, 2015Tropical Storm EtauApproximately 3,800 sets of T-shirts and innerwear.Fast Retailing Provides Emergency Relief for Tropical Storm Etau
April, 2015The Earthquake in NepalUS$ 100,000 donation.Fast Retailing Relief for the Earthquake in Nepal
2011Great East Japan Earthquake(Emergency Assistance)Clothing and Monetary Donation worth JP¥3.29 billion

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