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Last Updated: 2024.05.14
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Company Introduction

Name: G.U. CO., LTD.
Location: 5F, 1-6-7 Ariake, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-0063, Japan
Line of Business: The design, manufacture and retail of GU brand clothing and other goods.
First Store Opening: October, 2006
Number of Stores: 468 stores (As of February 29, 2024)
100% consolidated subsidiary

Taking "Fashion Fun at Low Prices" Global

GU FY2023 revenue and profit increased considerably, with revenue totaling ¥295.2 billion (+20.0%) and operating profit reaching ¥26.1 billion (+56.8%). We reduced the number of products and strategically prepared ample volumes of those products that captured mass fashion trends. GU performance was also supported by our efforts to transform organizational structures and strengthen product development frameworks. We began to establish platforms to understand which mass-trend products develop into global hit items by analyzing sales at the GU pop-up store that opened in SoHo, New York in October 2022.

GU's FY2024 motto is "GO GLOBAL." This motto encompasses two key strategies: accelerate GU's overseas expansion by focusing on international store openings, and transform GU into a global brand. We opened a product headquarters in New York in September 2023 to help merchandisers and R&D personnel absorb the latest global trends and incorporate them into product development. This is the first step toward turning GU into a global fashion brand from Japan.

GU opened 52 new stores in FY2023, primarily in Japan. These stores including the brand's fourth global flagship store (GU Marronier Gate Ginza store), one of western Japan's largest stores (GU Tennoji MIO store), a joint-brand Fast Retailing Group store in Fukuoka (GU Tenjin store), other large format stores in major cities, as well as suburban and shopping mall stores. Japan still harbors plenty of opportunity, but we also want to expand international store openings. The GU pop-up store in SoHo, New York is now bustling with customers after we optimized the product mix and adapted to local needs. GU is now working to further advance product development, train staff in store management, and emphasize diversity in hiring to establish a stronger brand position and develop globally.

The appeal of GU is that it allows people to enjoy fashion with freedom. We intend to build a brand that delights people worldwide with its design and quality.


Opens a new window. http://www.gu-global.com/
The GU Soho New York pop-up store


Latest Update

GU to Open First Overseas Flagship Store in New York in Fall 2024
- Online store to launch at the same, bringing GU products to the entire country (2024.05.14)

"Tokyo to SoHo" Sets the Tone for Welcoming Customers to
First GU Store in U.S.A. Pop-up Opens in New York City on October 7 (2022.09.21)

GU to Open First Store in the United States
- Pop-up store in Soho, New York planned for fall 2022 (2022.08.04)


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