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FAST RETAILING WAY (FR Group Corporate Philosophy)

Respect for Human Rights

(FR Group Corporate Philosophy)

Last Updated: 2018.11.08
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Corporate Statement

  • Changing clothes.
    Changing conventional wisdom.
    Change the world.

The FAST RETAILING Group Mission

  • To create truly great clothing with new and unique value, and to enable people all over the world to experience the joy, happiness and satisfaction of wearing such great clothes
  • To enrich people's lives through our unique corporate activities, and to seek to grow and develop our company in unity with society

Our Values

  • Approaching issues from the customer perspective
  • Embracing innovation & challenge
  • Respecting and supporting individuals to foster both corporate and personal growth
  • Committing to ethical standards and correctness

Our Principles

  • Inspired by The FAST RETAILING Group Mission and Our Values, we will:
  • Do everything possible for our customers
  • Pursue excellence and aim for the highest possible level of achievement
  • Achieve strong results through the promotion of diversity and teamwork
  • Move speedily and decisively in everything we do
  • Conduct business in a very real way based on the current marketplace, products and facts
  • Act as global citizens with ethics and integrity

To view the full text of the FR WAY in each language, click below to open PDF format.

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