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Support Employee Fulfillment

Last Updated: 2023.03.24 to Japanese page

Support Employee Fulfillment


Engagement Policy

・Employee Engagement Policy
・Fast Retailing Group Code of Conduct
・Human Rights Initiatives
・Employee Hotline
・Employee Engagement Survey

Respect for Diversity

・Employee Diversity
・Promoting Diversity at Global Level
・Initiatives to Increase Female Workforce Participation
・Respecting Diversity regardless of Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity
・Hiring People with Disabilities
・Collaboration with External Organizations

Education and

・Employee Education Policy
・Education Program
・Improved Sustainability Education
・Facilitating Career Advancement

A Positive Work

・Achieve Successful Health and Productivity Management―Occupational Health and Safety Initiatives
・Creating Jobs Around the World
・Fair Performance Evaluations and Compensation
・Reducing Working Hours
・Improving Employee Satisfaction