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Education and Development

Last Updated: 2020.01.31
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"Respecting and supporting individuals to foster both corporate and personal growth" is one of our important values. A company grows through the collective growth of each employee. We offer a variety of programs for skill development, helping each employee grow and achieve self-actualization through his or her work.

Basic Approach to Employee Education

Fast Retailing believes that employees can achieve growth and self-actualization through their work. Guided by our slogan Global One--Zen-In Keiei, every staff person engages in business from the standpoint of a manager exercising the best global business methods available. We foster a problem-solving workforce that focuses obsessively on our customers based on the real situation in terms of the current marketplace, products, and facts.

Education Program

Fast Retailing expends considerable resources to develop future global leaders. The Fast Retailing Management and Innovation Center (FRMIC) serves as the group's internal training facility. The center boasts various programs such as training for new employees, store managers and management candidates from around the world. We place importance on not only operational skill training but company values like the FAST RETAILING WAY (FR Group Corporate Philosophy) and the company's management principles. For example, more than 800 employees annually participate in group sessions for about 30 employees to talk with top management on how to put the company's philosophy and management principles into practice. Our MIRAI Project provides opportunities for younger employees to propose and develop new business models with the support of management.

Eligible full-time Fast Retailing Group employees including regional regular employee in Japan average 16.2 hours of job training and skills development education per year. (Fiscal 2019)

[Major Training Programs]

・For store employees: Inventory, profit and loss, corporate philosophy, compliance, store manager training , English, etc.
・For headquarters staff: Notes on Becoming a Business Leader , compliance, English, etc.

Opportunities to Share Our Corporate Vision and Policies

To grow, we must instill a shared understanding of the Fast Retailing corporate philosophy and vision in every employee. We hold the Fast Retailing Convention on a semi-annual basis, inviting nearly 5,000 store managers and head office staff from around the world to participate. We also hold local conventions across the globe as another means to foster a sense of unity within our businesses.

Improved Sustainability Education

The more the Fast Retailing global business grows, the more important it is that our employees understand our philosophy regarding sustainability. We want our employees to discuss sustainability with each other and take action with sustainability in mind in their day-to-day work. We constantly improve our sustainability education program to achieve this goal.

・Sustainability Week
From March 2018, we celebrated our first-ever Sustainability Week, with activities held at our Roppongi and Ariake head offices, as well as at our businesses in the United Kingdom, France, China, Korea and the U.S. During Sustainability Week, we sponsored discussions related to our corporate sustainability activities, exchanging opinions about the issues facing our company and offering specific suggestions to address them. For example, our merchandising and purchasing divisions acknowledged the need to reduce product packaging, coming together to devise solutions. Sustainability Week also provided an opportunity to launch projects related to more sustainable store development and store design. We invited experts from outside the company to provide lectures and lead workshops related to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) topics, helping better understand issues related to sustainability.

・Beyond Border Factory Tour Project
Our production and sustainability divisions took the lead in developing an education project in which employees visit and experience our partner factory floors. Under this program, UNIQLO store managers and staff from merchandising divisions spend one week at a sewing factory to observe the production process and gain practical experience in the manufacturing side of our business.

Facilitating Career Advancement

Career Advancement Program

Fast Retailing offers a voluntary Career Challenge Program for employees to facilitate career advancement. The program provides store managers with the opportunity to experience working in merchandising or marketing departments . We also offer a self-reporting system for employees to approach human resources about career options. Our Human Resources Development Council, which consists of managers and division heads, encourage career advancement for women and identify management candidates.

UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) Work Program

Fast Retail employees can participate in a temporary work program with UNHCR, our global partner. The program allows select employees to gain unique experiences and learn about international affairs while supporting UNHCR activities on the ground.

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