Fast Retailing embraces and promotes diversity and inclusion. We believe these concepts nurture our culture, helping to change our business, the people working within it, and all of society for the better. We respect and appreciate each individual’s points of difference and personality and strive to create a diverse team where every person has equal opportunity to use their greatest abilities to fulfill their potential.

Message From CEO

Fast Retailing embraces diversity as one of its most valued principles. Our general philosophy is that the clothes we make should serve to enrich every person's life, and in the case of UNIQLO LifeWear, it is apparel that is MADE FOR ALL—for everyone around the world. Accordingly, our products must be created by a diverse group people and based on a rich mix of human insights.

We believe a culture of inclusiveness can engender great respect for each other’s values. This empowers us to learn from each other and to continue innovating and transforming our business for customers.

Chairman, President and CEO
Tadashi Yanai


LifeWear,Diversity & Inclusion

We are the company that creates LifeWear.
LifeWear reaches beyond nationality, ethnicity, gender and age. It is simply clothing for everyone. To meet the expectations of LifeWear from a very large and diverse population of global customers, we place great emphasis on creativity. That’s why we have developed a team of personalities and talent from all around the world.

Creativity comes from understanding your customers, the people you work with, and the people you will meet.

Accordingly, we will accelerate our promotion of diversity and inclusion, and will continue contributing to society through LifeWear.


Global Diversity Leadership Team

Fast Retailing has established the Global Diversity Leadership Team to promote diversity and inclusion globally. In addition to global measures such as improving awareness and conducting trainings, we will implement various measures tailored to local conditions.

  • Jalin Wu Group Senior Vice President

    It is the difference and diversity of people and talents that bring new ideas, solutions, and possibilities to nurture creativity and execution excellence. As a global company, we have the responsibility to develop and promote diversity!

  • John C Jay President of Global Creative

    How can you have new ideas, new inspirations? How can you appreciate different cultures, perspectives, or experiences? The answer is simple:surround yourself with different types of people, with unique personalities, from different backgrounds and cultures. Live a life of diversity and celebrate the wonderful differences in people. Diversity is important if you seek a quality of life based on respect and humanity.

  • Taku Morikawa Group Executive Vice President

    I think a diverse culture is one where people who have completely different ideas, experience, backgrounds, and skills can learn from and respect each other. It describes a group of unique personalities who share the same goal to work as one team.

  • Miyuki Isozaki Group Senior Vice President

    To provide products and services that satisfy all customers around the world, all employees working at Fast Retailing must work together as one team on a daily basis. Fast Retailing is engaged in a variety of initiatives to maximize diversity, and we will continue to enhance our efforts in this area.

  • Serena Peck Group Senior Vice President

    To me, diversity means having a broad range of perspectives, ideas, and hearing the voices of those with differing experiences and points of view. It also means welcoming different opinions to make the best decision, and making all participants feel their voices are valued. Diversity is a form of empowerment.
    Diversity is important because our customers are diverse. To best serve them, we need to understand their needs, tastes and perspectives. This is critical for us to be successful on a global scale.

Commitment from Management

What diversity means to us