What Diversity Means to Us


“A place where everyone can be their true self”

Director, Legal Fast Retailing US

*Affiliations and positions are as of the time of the interview

What we value

“Everyone can be their true self at work without fear or shame.” This is what we value most from diversity and inclusion. Employees given the freedom to be their authentic selves at work are more creative and more inquisitive, challenging assumptions, and connecting and collaborating more personally with their teammates. Ensuring inclusion of different people, beliefs, and thoughts at work, as well as appreciating the diversity of our colleagues and customers, ensures our people and company are in the best position to achieve our goals.

Actions to accelerate Diversity & Inclusion

I've worked as an employment lawyer, both as outside counsel at a law firm and as in-house counsel at large corporations. I’ve advised and trained global companies on how to prevent discrimination and harassment, while promoting inclusion and diversity in the workplace.
Fast Retailing is a global company. Diversity and inclusion are essential for global companies—and their importance is growing. I’ve collaborated with executives, managers, and business partners to be leaders in diversity and inclusion, leveraging experience they gained in previous jobs. I’m fortunate that the company gives me the opportunity to travel to locations throughout the United States and Canada to meet our employees and to provide training on diversity and inclusion. My role at Fast Retailing is not only to avoid legal issues, but also to help achieve the company’s goal to create a comfortable work environment that helps attract, recruit, and develop the best employees in the world.