What Diversity Means to Us

Tomoko Adachi

“Part-time to full-time store manager. I want to make people I work with happier.”

Tomoko Adachi Store manager of UNIQLO Aeon-Mall kakamihara store in Japan

"Mom has become the store manager!" My child was very pleased.

When I joined UNIQLO as a part-time staff, my child was one year old. After that, I became a full-time employee (on a contract basis). For two years, I continued to take tests for promotion, until I became a regional employee. The following year, I was promoted to store manager.

UNIQLO provides the opportunity and system to change employment status and conditions based on fair personnel evaluations and tests, regardless of the employment terms at the time of joining. There are a variety of career paths available, but my first barrier was my mother. When I chose to work full-time, she was opposed, telling me "Stop, you're a mother with a small child." However, with the support of my husband, I decided to push ahead.

When I worked as regional employee, I had occasional doubts, asking myself, "Am I working to enrich my child's life, or do I work for my own career?" However, when I was promoted to store manager, it made my child very happy. "Mama, that's amazing," he said. At that moment, I was proud of my career choice.

I want to make the people I work with happier

Since becoming a store manager, I have been involved in the “Women's Network Organization,” which promotes both career development and life-stage changes, such as raising children. Participating in this activity created a new sense of mission. Right now, there are employees who choose part-time work to enable them to care for their children or elderly parents, but who want to be a regional employee in future. However, they can't talk to anyone and can't take the next step.
The reason for working at UNIQLO differs for each person, but I have a goal to create a place where people can truly think "I'm glad to work here”. Now, I am aiming to be an employee based at global headquarters to help ensure UNIQLO is a place where employees can work more comfortably and more happily. At headquarters, I can be more closely involved in employee education and sales support.