UNIQLO began proactively hiring people with disabilities in 2001 with the goal of hiring more than one person with disability in each store in Japan . Since 2012, we have almost achieved our goal. In 2023, the employment rate of people with disabilities at UNIQLO Japan is 4.89%*, significantly exceeding the statutory employment target in Japan of 2.3%. Proactive employment of people with disabilities is not limited to Japan, and is expanding globally, with approximately 1,500 staff members with disabilities working in various countries or regions. In addition, various other initiatives are being implemented to make the shopping experience at UNIQLO stores more comfortable for all customers including those with disabilities, elderly people, pregnant women, and other customers who may need care.*as of June 1st 2022

Training for store managers

To ensure employees with disabilities can expand their skills and reach their potential, we provide training for store managers and able-bodied employees on how we can work together effectively. Through this training, we aim to improve our performance through mutual respect, regardless of disabilit

“Here for All Your Needs”

Fast Retailing launched the “Here for All Your Needs Project” to support all customers – including those with disabilities, elderly people, and pregnant women – to enjoy shopping at UNIQLO stores, and to ensure we are adequately reflecting the feedback of customers and employees in our product development, marketing, store design and service.

Creating Universal Design Stores

Many departments, such as the sales and store development, collaborate to evaluate and improve store facilities and operations reflecting various customer needs and employee feedback. This has led to introducing universal design to stores.

Creating Universal Design Stores Creating Universal Design Stores

Improving customer service

Some UNIQLO stores offer regular opportunities for wheelchair users, people with visual impairment, pregnant women, and other customers who need special care to shop at their pace before opening hours.

Improving customer service

Products based
on customers feedback

UNIQLO began selling Front Opening Innerwear in August 2020. The product was developed in response to the needs of those customers who had difficuly taking off and putting on clothing over their head. UNIQLO product development team had visited medical facilities and listened to the voices of customers – including people who had just experienced breast cancer surgery, people with disabilities, and elderly people, to understand their needs before finalizing the product design.

Products based on customers feedback

Products based on customers feedback

Special Olympics

Special Olympics is an international sports organization that provides people with intellectual disabilities a variety of sports training and competition opportunities in which to participate. UNIQLO has been a national partner of Special Olympics Japan since 2002. UNIQLO South Korea and Singapore are also supporting the World Games. To date, UNIQLO has donated uniforms for athletes, volunteers and staff members. We also have supported the operation of each competition.

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