Fast Retailing respects diversity in sexual orientation and gender identity and strive to create an environment where all employees can work comfortably.

Advisor, Corporate PR Department Liguori Aldo Aldo Liguori
Advisor, Corporate PR Department

L, G, B, T and Q+ are a series of individual orientations and identities , just as every person is different. In an environment where people respect each other’s personality and their lives, everyone has equal opportunities, so they can develop their talents and abilities in peace. Our goal at Fast Retailing is to create a place where everyone can feel natural and comfortable, where there is no need to hide their true self. Everyone is different, but everyone is human, and being treated equal is important. I wish to help make it possible for everyone working at Fast Retailing through a variety of ways.

LGBTQ+ Network - Symphony

At Fast Retailing Global Headquarters in Tokyo, a networking group called Symphony was established at the end of 2018 by employees interested in creating an environment whereby all employees can work together comfortably. The name “Symphony” reflects the desire to create something that can shine by combining various personalities and talents together, such as a beautiful symphony composed of four movements. To be able to build relationships and teams with open minds, understanding each other is essential, so at Symphony we are conducting a series of activities and events that can help strengthen our internal understanding of LGBTQ+.

'Symphony Newsletter,' which provides easy-to-understand explanations of LGBTQ+ topics

"Symphony Newsletter," which provides easy-to-understand explanations of LGBTQ+ topics

Sessions by experts

Sessions by experts

Partnership registration system

Fast Retailing in Japan introduced its Partnership Registration System in 2019. If employees have a same-sex partner, the partnership will be recognized in employees applications to receive company benefits, such as congratulations or condolence allowance