We have implemented personnel system reforms and other measures for female employees to choose work styles matching their life stage and to develop careers that make full use of their individuality and talent. We will continue to introduce new systems, select a wide range of candidates for managerial positions, and promote career development through assignments to new roles or departments.

Message from CEO of UNIQLO Japan

ユニクロ日本CEO 赤井田真希 CEO of UNIQLO Japan
Maki Akaida

What I want to tell all women is, "Realize that you have more potential than you think!" I would like all women to be as ambitious as possible, reaching new heights, and setting goals that benefit the company, while also their own personal growth.

At Fast Retailing, there is no inequality for women, with fairness and opportunity available for everyone. We have created an environment where each employee can choose a flexible working style, to balance career objectives with life events, like childbirth and child care. We encourage everyone to take advantage of this environment, to refine their strengths and unlock their full potential. We are doing our very best to help women develop fulfilling careers.

Gender in numbers

(as at end of August 2020)
  • Percentage of women among regular employees


  • Percentage of women in managerial positions


  • Percentage of women among new graduates (Regular employees in Japan)


  • Average length of service(Regular employees in Japan)


    0 years


    0 years

Career support initiatives

To support career development for women at Fast Retailing, we have implemented a number of initiatives, including the “Women's Direct Meeting”, an opportunity for UNIQLO’s female store and business managers engage with outside experts to share insights. At GU, the “Waikiki” (Waku Waku Iki Iki) project brings together female employees raising children for mutual support and information sharing. In addition, Fast Retailing runs a group-wide “Career Support Program” for promising female manager candidates, and conducts training to help management personnel recognize and dispel unconscious biases in their work.

キャリア支援の取り組み キャリア支援の取り組み

Nursery school for employees

To promote a smooth return from childcare leave, we provide an in-house nursery school and admission support.


Women network organization

Global Headquarters in Japan has formed a “Women Network Organization” by volunteers to share information on childbirth and childcare and to reflect the opinions from female employees in the company’s personnel systems. The group conducts various activities and sessions for employees who are returning from childcare leave.



Sessions before returning from childcare leave

Partnership with UNWOMEN

Fast Retailing and UN Women have a global partnership with the aim of contributing to the advancement of women in the apparel industry. We are developing and deploying unique programs to support career development for women who work at partner factories in Asia.



Click here for details on our partnership with UN Women