What Diversity Means to Us


“The team needs to be diverse to provide the best shopping experiences for all customers”

COO, UNIQLO Belgium/the Netherlands

*Affiliations and positions are as of the time of the interview

UNIQLO LifeWear is clothing for everybody

Uniqlo Europe has been entering into new markets, opening new stores one after another. Currently, we have approximately 100 stores in 10 countries.
The reason UNIQLO has been able to grow so rapidly is that customers support our UNIQLO LifeWear concept, which embodies our basic values toward clothing. LifeWear is “clothing designed to make everyone’s life better” regardless of nationality, race, gender and age—it is clothing MADE FOR ALL. Individuality of style doesn’t come from clothing but from the person who wears it. Individuality of style is not something created by brands, but is derived from the values of the person who wears them. I believe UNIQLO will continue growing because we respect differences of nationality, race, gender, age and background. These are all aspects of personality, and we embrace a wide variety of values when we plan, produce and sell our LifeWear items.

A culture of trust and unity helps us work as one team with passion

I worked for 11 years with UNIQLO in the UK, Germany and Belgium and thought there is no other company like UNIQLO that could give me such opportunities. The role of each position is clearly defined, but nevertheless, if you actively engage with and involve others, you still have an opportunity to enjoy challenges that go beyond your assigned role. Such opportunities for challenge come one after another, so you can expand your mission and career if you act. For example, it's only natural for us to have one sales staff come up with a new project and launch it as a project leader. In this way, my own work can become more enjoyable and fulfilling. What's more, UNIQLO's appeal is that team members can multiply their achievements and satisfaction by working as a team.
I think the reason why such teams can exist is because we have a culture that believes in the people who work together and their potential. And I think the organization has a flexible attitude so that everyone can show their individuality and talents.

To provide the best shopping experience to diverse customers

Customers who visit our stores are diverse, from locals to business and sightseeing visitors. Customer ages range from babies to the elderly. And with the evolution of digital technology, customer purchasing behavior is also changing markedly. It is our mission to bring LifeWear to these diverse customers. To meet the expectations of a diverse group of customers and provide the best shopping experience, we must always be a team of diverse people with diverse values.
Currently I am COO in Belgium and the Netherlands. In order to create the best team with great diversity, I want to support my colleagues who work together so that they don't give up or set their own limitations, and can capture their opportunities.