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Last Updated: 2012.03.13
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The FAST RETAILING WEBSITE (FR website) is managed and operated by FAST RETAILING CO., LTD. Please read the information below when using the site. Please also be aware that the information below may be changed at any time without prior notification.

The information displayed on this FR website is designed to provide basic corporate information and give an indication of the financial situation and management strategies of FAST RETAILING CO., LTD. and affiliated companies (the FR Group). However, the FR Group makes no warranties or representations as to the accuracy, utility, completeness or safety of the information offered on this FR website, or whether the information is the very latest information available. The FR Group will not be liable for any loss incurred through the decision to use or to ignore information displayed on the FR website.

All information on this FR website except for FR Group's current corporate plans, strategies, forecasts and historical facts , should be considered as predictions of the FR Group's future business performance and, as such, does incorporate some element of risk and uncertainty (as for risk, please refer to Risk Factors). Please understand that, due to a variety of factors, the actual business performance could differ significantly from these predictions. Furthermore, following any new information or future event, the FR Group is not obliged to revise or announce changes to any future predictions displayed on this FR website.

Please understand that the FR Group maintains the right to change the information displayed on the FR website at any time and to suspend or terminate the FR website if it so desires. Furthermore, the FR Group will not be liable for any material loss incurred due to the amendment of any information on the FR website nor the suspension or discontinuation of this FR website for any reason.

The FR Group will not be liable for any material loss incurred due to the linking of a third party website through the FR website, or due to any information acquired from a third-party site linked to the FR website.

The information displayed on this FR website should not be viewed as an active effort to solicit investment in the FR Group. In the case of any investment in the FR Group, please refrain from basing any investment decision entirely and wholly on this FR website and decide any purchase of FR Group stock based on your own judgment and bearing your own responsibility.

Article 30 of the Financial Products Exchange Law Enforcement Orders on the sufficient conditions for insider trading regulatory disclosure measures (the 12 hour rule) was revised on February 1, 2004. Corporate information compliant with the Stock Exchange timely disclosure rules is recorded onto the Stock Exchange's Timely Disclosure network (TDnet) and announced on the timely disclosure information browsing service. Only then is the insider trading regulatory disclosure measure complete. Then, in line with the TDnet information disclosure framework, we would announce the same information on the FR website in a speedy fashion. However, in the instance when information is disclosed directly to two or more media organizations, without going through the TDnet (if the TDnet is not working, or if other disclosure measures are secured that don't require the TDnet), then we would put that information on the FR website only after a period of at least 12 hours had elapsed.

The FR Group does not state or display in any form whether the contents on the FR website are appropriate depending on the environment of the person viewing the site. Access to the FR website is at the will of the user, and responsibility for using the FR website lies entirely with the person accessing the site.

On copyright, trademarks, etc.

The copyrights to the work displayed on the FR website (writing, photographs, illustrations, moving pictures, voice and sound, software, etc) are held either by the FR Group or a third party, and are protected by copyright law or other laws or treaties. It is forbidden to use (including copy, edit or distribute) such copyrighted work without the permission of the copyright holder, except for individual private use or for any other purpose recognized in copyright laws.

The photos displayed in the Photo Library section of the FR website are provided for public use and can be downloaded and used freely.

Trademarks, logos and service marks used on the FR website are the property of the FR Group or a third party, and cannot be transferred or reproduced without prior consent of FR Group or a third party.

Governing Law & Court of Jurisdiction

The FR Group and users of the FR website agree to abide by Japanese law in regard to the use of the FR website. Unless otherwise stipulated, the Tokyo District Court will act as the primary court of exclusive jurisdiction concerning all disputes arising from the use of the FR website.

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