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UNIQLO's PEACE FOR ALL Charity T-Shirt Project Provides US$4.77 Million to Date for Global Peace Activities - Donations support initiatives including preventing childhood marriage, delivering food to vulnerable children, and providing shelter to refugees
Emergency Clothing Assistance to Akita City, in Akita Prefecture
Fast Retailing and UNHCR Mark World Refugee Day by Partnering on Unique Youth with Refugees Art Contest
Fast Retailing Supports Pakistan Accord
Statement Regarding the Closure of the 'Grameen UNIQLO' Business
Fast Retailing "Power of Clothing Project" in Cooperation with UNHCR Marks 10th Year Anniversary - Participation so far from 380,000 students across 3,600 schools in Japan and program expands across Asia
Fast Retailing Sets New Targets to Empower Female Workers in Bangladesh
Fast Retailing Donates US$300,000 to Support a Self-Reliance Project for Refugee Women - Contribution in conjunction with International Women's Day "Helping women smile, all around the world."
Fast Retailing Receives Top Rating in Japan's D&I Award - Recognized for Initiatives Promoting Corporate Diversity and Inclusion
Fast Retailing to Provide Emergency Humanitarian Aid in Aftermath of Devastating Earthquakes in Turkey and Syria - Financial aid and donations of winter clothing to UNHCR

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