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Last Updated: 2011.04.06

Update on Fast Retailing Relief Aid for Victims of the Tohoku-Kanto Earthquake

Fast Retailing Co., Ltd.
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On March 14, the Fast Retailing Group announced a raft of efforts, activities and contributions to help those affected by the Tohoku-Kanto Earthquake. An updated report on progress in these areas can be found below. The Fast Retailing Group and each of its members will continue to do their utmost to help those affected by the earthquake and subsequent tsunami.

Relief goods
We have sent approximately 700 million yen worth of UNIQLO and g.u. products as relief goods to the areas hardest hit by the earthquake and tsunami. These items include HEATTECH, fleece, undergarments and towels. Details related to these contributions are listed below. In addition, nearly 50 Group employees have visited the disaster area to work with nonprofit organizations to help as volunteers and to distribute relief items.

Miyagi Prefecture470,000 items sent on March 20, 26 and April 3
Fukushima Prefecture300,000 items sent on March 20 and April 3
Iwate Prefecture50,000 items sent on March 22
Ibaraki Prefecture30,000 items sent on March 25

In-store contribution collection activities
The Fast Retailing Group has been collecting contributions at its stores worldwide to send to the Japanese Red Cross Society and other national Red Cross organizations. The amount gathered as of the end of March was approximately 54 million yen. We would like to thank our customers around the world who have shown their goodwill through their charitable donations. We will continue to collect donations at stores worldwide.

Monetary contributions
The below contributions have been sent to the Japanese Red Cross Society. The remainder of contributions will be sent in succession.

Fast Retailing Group200 million yen (sent March 23)
Fast Retailing President and Chairman Tadashi Yanai1 billion yen (sent March 23)

Notice of additional contribution activities
Fast Retailing will donate 100 yen to the Japanese Red Cross Society for each UNIQLO dry color T-shirt, which retail for 500 yen, sold in Japan on the weekend of April 9 and 10.


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