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Community Engagement Policies

Last Updated: 2022.11.21
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As a global company, Fast Retailing strives to address social issues around the world. We aim to grow and prosper with the communities we serve.

Community Engagement Policies

Fast Retailing's group mission is to create truly great clothing with new and unique value, and to enable people all over the world to experience the joy, happiness and satisfaction of wearing such great clothes. We aim to enrich people's lives through our unique corporate activities, and to seek to grow and develop our company in unity with society. To fulfil this mission, we prioritize community engagement.

Today, the world faces many social challenges - increasing burden on the environment, poverty, a refugee crisis, racial discrimination, terrorism, regional conflict, and more. Fast Retailing is committed to helping solve such issues. As underlined in our sustainability statement, "Unlocking the Power of Clothing," we aim to grow and prosper with the communities we serve through our clothing business and are aspiring to a better society where we all thrive. We understand that the retail industry cannot thrive without stable economic and social conditions in each community. The same goes for our manufacturing bases. Fast Retailing strives to support our communities, using our stores, people, products, and expertise to make a difference.

Our Focus Areas

  1. 1.Helping refugees and people in difficult situations around the world to have a better future
  2. 2.Promoting diversity and inclusion in our communities
  3. 3.Promoting environmental conservation and protection activities in our communities
  4. 4.Supporting youth empowerment by creating opportunities for education and social participation
  5. 5.Creating opportunities for people in our communities to experience art, fostering a society where creativity is appreciated
  6. 6.Emergency relief and global pandemic response

Our Approach:

We assign sustainability personnel in every country and region in which we operate. These individuals identify social needs and issues in their respective communities and work toward solutions. We refer to local and regional customer and employee voices, and work with local partner organizations to take relevant action. We work with our customers to unlock the power of clothing and transform this into the power of society, dispatching employee volunteers and leveraging our stores. For example, we donate clothing and host in-store work and shopping experiences in the communities we serve.

We carry out sustainable social contribution activities with like-minded partners around the world. Fast Retailing has established the Global Partnership Guideline, and this guides the partner organization selection process for our businesses in each country.

UNIQLO delivers clothing to refugees

UNIQLO sponsors in-store work experiences

Donation of gowns and functional innerwear items to support medical institutions during COVID-19


In 2021, Fast Retailing committed to the following two goals to actively address social issues around the world, aiming to grow and prosper with the communities we serve. We will continue to strengthen our activities to achieve these goals.

  1. 1.By fiscal 2025, Fast Retailing*1 will expand its social contribution up to JPY 10 billion through community outreach activities in all stores globally to support 10 million people such as refugees and other vulnerable people. The company will also expand clothing support donations to reach 10 million pieces per year by fiscal 2025.
  2. 2.Provide employment opportunities to 200 refugees annually by fiscal 2025.

*1 Including Fast Retailing, the Fast Retailing Foundation, Yanai Tadashi Foundation and Tadashi Yanai as an Individual.

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Community Investment

Community Investment

Fast Retailing conducts community support activities with an aim to help solve social issues and to empower youth and vulnerable people around the world. We believe this approach contributes to stabilizing and energizing societies where we do business, and works to ensure the sustainable growth of our business.

Since fiscal 2019, with the aim of understanding the impact of our community investment activities, we have calculated total community support expenditure, the number of individuals reached and supported, as well as the number of organizations supported. These calculations are based on the "Business for Societal Impact (B4SI) Framework" provided by Corporate Citizenship. This information is disclosed as "Community investment" in the Sustainability Data Book, and to ensure the reliability of the data disclosed, "Community Investment" has been verified by SGS Japan Co., Ltd.

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