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Basic Philosophy

Last Updated: 2023.06.19
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The Fast Retailing Group contributes to society by creating truly great clothing that offers new and unique value.

Basic Philosophy

As our business expands across the globe, Fast Retailing communicates and asks our partner factories to comply with our policies regarding supply chain labor conditions and respect for human rights.

Among the tenets of the Fast Retailing Way (FR Group Corporate Philosophy) is our basic philosophy to "create truly great clothing with new and unique value, and to enable people all over the world to experience the joy, happiness, and satisfaction of wearing great clothes." Through our flagship brand UNIQLO, we offer products under our LifeWear brand concept, which communicates the joy, happiness and satisfaction of wearing great clothing to our customers. Through breakthrough product development capabilities, strong partnerships with vendors, and a large-scale store network, a unique brand called UNIQLO was created to provide products which make life better for all people all over the world. One of these products is our HEATTECH line, developed in conjunction with world-class fiber manufacturer Toray Industries. As warm winter wear, HEATTECH holds the cold at bay and is highly regarded among our customers around the world.

In the future, society will require us to aim beyond functionality and quality, offering answers to social and environmental issues. We will have to continue to create unprecedented forms of value.

UNIQLO will work with partner factories to adopt larger-scale, environmentally friendly production processes. Conducting ethical procurement (animal welfare, environmentally conscious, supporting cotton farmer livelihoods, etc.) together with our selected partners means customers can use our products with confidence.

We set ourselves apart from the competition through our store network, which provides a platform to recycle products. We collect clothing customers no longer use, giving meaning to these garments throughout their entire useful lives.

Fast Retailing will continue to contribute to society through a truly great clothing business that offers new and unique value.

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