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CEO Special Conversation

Last Updated: 2021.02.02
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How to Shape the Post-Coronavirus World for Our Children

Tadashi Yanai, Chairman, President and CEO

Jacques Attali
Philosopher / Economist / Futurologist

Tadashi Yanai
Fast Retailing Co., Ltd. Chairman and President

Ten years ago, the social theorist and economist Jacques Attali predicted and warned of a global pandemic in his book. In a recent piece, Attali highlighted "the Economy of Life" and altruism as the prescriptions for the social and economic crises humanity is facing.

What are the essential factors for a sustainable future? How will clothing change?

Connecting Paris under curfew and Tokyo, the two thought leaders held a two-hour discussion on what is needed in a post-corona world.

(The online interview took place on October 2020)

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