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Sustainability Governance

Last Updated: 2021.02.17
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Governance and Management Structure

At Fast Retailing, the company president and CEO, as the executive officer with overall responsibility for sustainability, appoints directors and an executive officer in charge of sustainability. We have also set up a Sustainability Committee which consists of executive directors, statutory auditors, an external expert, and executive officers. The committee is tasked with promoting sustainability activities based on pertinent judgement and ensuring sustainability efforts are closely integrated with overall management strategy and direction. The Sustainability Committee debates all manner of sustainability-related policies and measures, and advises, counsels, and supervises the departments that execute sustainability measures. Committee members determine the direction of corporate activities and corporate policy from a variety of sustainability-related perspectives, including environmental protection, respecting human rights, contributing to society, compliance, and diversity. Sustainability Committee decisions are then integrated into our sales, marketing, production, purchasing, human resources and other relevant departments. In fiscal 2020, the Sustainability Committee managed a variety of initiatives, including our climate change strategy, product circularity, the protection of human rights across our supply chain, and social contribution activities.

Fast Retailing also assesses risks and responses for environmental, human rights, and other issues through our Risk Management, Human Rights, Code of Conduct, and Business Ethics committees, which are also served by board members, statutory auditors, external experts, and executive officers.

Our Board of Auditors recognizes sustainability-related risk and requires each relevant department to report regularly on the status of their sustainability activities. In fiscal 2019, Fast Retailing's Sustainability Department reported on potential risks related to environmental, human rights and other sustainability issues, and on measures put in place to address them.

To promote sustainability activities across the Fast Retailing Group, the Sustainability Department has strengthened our management framework, cooperating daily with relevant departments and executives responsible for global operations, and also appointing sustainability personnel in all major international offices. In addition to regular communications, we hold a global conference every six months, where sustainability personnel from all over the world convene in Tokyo to discuss sustainability issues and activities in individual markets.

We work with stakeholders worldwide to deepen our understanding of global social issues and environmental problems, continuously striving to improve our sustainability initiatives and their effectiveness. We aim to be accountable and transparent, disclosing important information and engaging with external stakeholders.

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