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Partner Factory List

Last Updated: 2020.08.31
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We publish a list of core partner factories to enhance transparency and ensure proper labor conditions throughout our supply chain.

Partner Factory List

Fast Retailing discloses and updates information annually on our partner factories on the company website.

In 2017, we published a list of UNIQLO core sewing factories in February, followed by a list of GU core sewing factories in December, with the goals of increasing the transparency of our supply chain, taking on a greater responsibility to ensure good labor conditions, and addressing issues concerning human rights and the environment. In March 2019, we consolidated these lists and published it as Fast Retailing core sewing factory list*.

In addition, we are increasing mapping and traceability of the supply chain. In November 2018, a list of UNIQLO core fabric mills was also published, with an aim to also disclose fabric mills used by our other brands in the future.

*Sewing factories represent factories where finished products are manufactured and include both factories with direct and indirect business relationships.

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