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Overview of Business Segments

Last Updated: 2018.11.06
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Yr to August 2018 Billions of Yen/Stores Y/y (%)
Revenue 864.7 +6.7%
Operating income/loss 119.0 +24.1%
Stores *827 -4
*Including franchise stores.

Future Outlook

Expect further same-store sales growth thanks to easily recognizable everyday price strategy and buoyant online sales. Achieve stable future growth through cost cutting and determined control of discounting.
Pursue Ariake Project with the aim of increasing operating profit margin to 15% over the medium term, and tackle issues such as improving distribution efficiency, expanding e-commerce services, improving accuracy of demand forecasts and reducing production lead times.
  • Contribution of Net Sales
  • Sales by Product Category

UNIQLO International

Yr to August 2018 Billions of Yen/Stores Y/y (%)
Revenue 896.3 +26.6%
Operating income/loss 118.8 +62.6%
Stores 1,241 +152

Future Outlook

Greater China, Southeast Asia & Oceania and South Korea to serve as medium-term drivers of UNIQLO International growth. UNIQLO International revenue surpassed UNIQLO Japan in FY2018.
UNIQLO Greater China four-year targets: revenue 1 trillion yen, operating profit 200 billion yen. UNIQLO Southeast Asia & Oceania targeting 30% annual growth and revenue of 300 billion yen within four years.
  • Contribution of Net Sales
  • Store Number Trends


Yr to August 2018 Billions of Yen/Stores Y/y (%)
Revenue 211.8 +6.4%
Operating income/loss 11.7 -13.1%
Stores 393 +21

Future Outlook

Improve GU performance by strengthening product development, improving accuracy of initial production volumes and bolstering frameworks for swift additional production of strong-selling items. Plan to accelerate GU's global development and, in the medium term, develop GU as a second pillar brand with 1 trillion yen sales.
  • Contribution of Net Sales

Global Brands

Yr to August 2018 Billions of Yen/Stores Y/y (%)
Revenue 154.4 +9.5%
Operating income/loss -4.1 -
Stores *984 -18
*including franchise stores

Future Outlook

Expect Theory to exhibit continued steady growth, and see strong potential for Theory's PLST label as a new reasonably priced brand.
  • Contribution of Net Sales

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