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Overview of Business Segments

Last Updated: 2019.02.28
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Yr to August 2018 Billions of Yen/Stores Y/y (%)
Revenue 864.7 +6.7%
Operating income/loss 119.0 +24.1%
Stores *827 -4
*Including franchise stores.

Future Outlook

Maintain strong price competitiveness in a shrinking Japanese market through easily recognizable everyday price strategy. Aim for stable future growth. Create a new retail industry to help fuel online sales growth by seamlessly linking physical and online store operations.
Advance Ariake Project to raise operating profit margin to 15% over the medium term. Actively transform entire supply chain to improve accuracy of demand forecasts and sales plans, facilitate timely production increases, and improve distribution efficiency.
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UNIQLO International

Yr to August 2018 Billions of Yen/Stores Y/y (%)
Revenue 896.3 +26.6%
Operating income/loss 118.8 +62.6%
Stores 1,241 +152

Future Outlook

Drive future segment growth through Greater China, Southeast Asia & Oceania. Open 100 stores in Greater China and 50 stores in Southeast Asia & Oceania annually.
Increase brand visibility by opening stores in prime urban locations worldwide. Follow recent first store openings in Spain, Sweden, and the Netherlands with more first stores in Europe (Denmark: spring 2019, Italy: fall 2019) and Asia (India, Vietnam: fall 2019).
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Yr to August 2018 Billions of Yen/Stores Y/y (%)
Revenue 211.8 +6.4%
Operating income/loss 11.7 -13.1%
Stores 393 +21

Future Outlook

Apply Ariake Project methods to build a new supply chain that can swiftly grasp, analyze, and reflect the latest trends in product design and volume planning.
Continue store openings across Japan. Pursue new opportunities in Greater China, South Korea, and other promising markets. Grow GU into a ¥1 trillion operation over the mid to long term by expanding the brand in Asia.
  • Contribution of Net Sales

Global Brands

Yr to August 2018 Billions of Yen/Stores Y/y (%)
Revenue 154.4 +9.5%
Operating income/loss -4.1 -
Stores *984 -18
*including franchise stores

Future Outlook

Maintain stable Theory growth in both the United States and Japan.
Grow PLST, which originated under the Theory operation, as a new reasonably priced brand.
Implement structural reforms at Comptoir des Cotonniers, Princesse tam.tam, and J Brand to improve profit outlook.
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