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Overview of Business Segments

Last Updated: 2024.02.29
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Yr to August 2023 Billions of Yen/Stores Y/y (%)
Revenue 890.4 +9.9%
Operating income/loss 117.8 +9.2%
Stores *800 -9
*Including franchise stores.

Future Outlook

  • We expect to generate stable earnings growth by striving to optimize the UNIQLO Japan store network through our scrap and build policy of replacing smaller, less profitable stores with larger more visible stores in prime locations while also thoroughly implementing local store management principles and developing product mixes and services that satisfy local demand.
  • Aim to achieve an operating profit margin of 15%. Control discount sales by instead appealing the superior value of our products. Seek to improve inventory efficiency and, by extension, the gross profit margin and SG&A ratio by achieving more accurate product planning, volume planning, and inventory control at the individual stock keeping unit (SKU) level to help minimize shortages of strong-selling items or the build-up of excess stock.
  • Contribution of Net Sales
  • Sales by Product Category

UNIQLO International - Countries & Regions

Yr to August 2023 Billions of Yen/Stores Y/y (%)
Revenue 1,437.1 +28.5%
Operating income/loss 226.9 +43.3%
Stores 1,634 +49

Future Outlook

  • UNIQLO International is the key driver of Fast Retailing group growth. We are striving to create product mixes that satisfy the needs of our customers in each individual market, and aim to achieve sustainable growth by enhancing our human resources training and realizing high-grade store management.
  • Accelerate scrap and build activities in the Greater China region as part of our plan to improve profitability and further expand operations through the development of an even higher-quality store network.
  • Accelerate new store openings in the Southeast Asia, India & Australia region to approximately 60 stores each year. Aim to achieve high growth by compiling product mixes that are more suited to eternal summer climates.
  • UNIQLO operations in North America and Europe have entered a growth phase. Customer bases in those regions are expanding as support for LifeWear clothing strengthens. We are accelerating store openings and plan to open approximately 30 new stores a year each in North America and Europe. We also aim to achieve strong growth by enhancing our e-commerce operation.
  • Contribution of Net Sales
  • Store Number Trends


Yr to August 2023 Billions of Yen/Stores Y/y (%)
Revenue 295.2 +20.0%
Operating income/loss 26.1 +56.8%
Stores 463 +14

Future Outlook

  • Seek to achieve high growth by capitalizing on GU's ability to offer fun fashion at amazingly low prices and refining the brand's development of highly finished products that satisfy mass fashion trends. We will also strive to improve the accuracy of GU's production planning and establish production frameworks that will help reduce lead times.
  • Accelerate new store openings in Japan while also seeking to expand operations and promote store openings in international markets. Aim to enhance GU product creation and marketing by establishing an R&D base in New York and using the GU pop-up store in SoHo, New York to develop products with global appeal.
  • Contribution of Net Sales

Global Brands

Yr to August 2023 Billions of Yen/Stores Y/y (%)
Revenue 141.6 +15.0%
Operating income/loss -30 -
Stores *681 -38
*including franchise stores

Future Outlook

  • Theory: In addition to enhancing product development and branding, we are also working to refine volume planning, strengthen inventory control, and promote work style reform. Our ultimate aim is to create a leading USA brand from New York.
  • PLST, Comptoir des Cotonniers: Aim to move swiftly into the black by promoting structural reforms. Continue to close unprofitable stores while also opening more brand outlets within UNIQLO stores. Expand our range of highly competitive products, both in terms of quality and price, in the mid-range price bracket.
  • Contribution of Net Sales

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