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Last Updated: 2023.07.14
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FAST RETAILING, the One and Only LifeWear Company

The Fast Retailing Group is a global developer of fashion brands including UNIQLO, GU, and Theory that achieved consolidated annual sales of ¥2.3011 trillion for the year ended August 2022 (FY2022). The Group's pillar UNIQLO operation boasts 2,394 stores worldwide and FY2022 sales of ¥1.9290 trillion. Driven by its LifeWear concept for ultimate everyday clothes, UNIQLO offers unique products made from high-quality, highly functional materials, and offers them at reasonable prices by managing everything from procurement and design to production and retail sales. Meanwhile, our GU brand generated annual sales of ¥246.0 billion, offering a skillful blend of low prices and fashion fun for everyone. The Fast Retailing Group proactively seeks to minimize the environmental impact of our businesses; build supply chains that protect human rights, health, and safety; develop recycle-oriented products; and help tackle social issues.

We will continue to offer people all over the world the joy, happiness, and satisfaction of wearing truly great clothes that embody our corporate philosophy: Changing clothes. Changing conventional wisdom. Change the world.

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