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Last Updated: 2019.04.11
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Dividend Policy

In general, FR returns a dividend twice a year. (Interim dividend and year-end dividend)
The amount of the dividend and dividend payment date are detailed below for each business year.

Business year Dividend
per share
Payment date
Year to August 2019 Interim dividend 240 yen May 13, 2019
Year to August 2018 Year-end dividend 240 yen November 9, 2018
Interim dividend 200 yen May 11, 2018

The amount of dividend, interim and year-end, will be finally determined at the board of directors' meeting. Therefore, the amount listed above may change due to the outcome of the meeting.

Dividend Recipients

To receive a dividend payment, you must be registered as either a shareholder or a registered pledgee (of shares) on the shareholder's list by the vesting dates (the days upon which the stockholders are entitled to receive the shares) listed below.

  • Vesting date to receive an interim dividend        The last day of February
  • Vesting date to receive a year-end dividend        The last day of August

Buying and selling of shares takes three business days to complete from the date of execution (the day upon which a buying/selling order has been made) to the date of closing (the day upon which the trade/transaction is finalized). If you wish to receive dividend payments, you must execute a buying order by the close of the Tokyo Stock Exchange three business days before the scheduled vesting date and retain ownership of the stock at the close of the Tokyo Stock Exchange on the last trading date of shares with dividends right.

For example, in order to receive a year-end dividend for the year to August 2019, Tuesday, August 27 will be the last trading date of shares with dividends right.
【Payment of year-end dividend for the year to August 2019】

  • Tuesday, August 27         Last trading date of shares with dividends right
  • Wednesday, August 28
  • Thursday, August 29
  • Friday, August 30            Vesting date
                                            (the day upon which the stockholders are entitled to
                                            receive the shares)

If you have any questions regarding this matter, please contact to the following or the trading company from which you purchased your stock.
1-1 Nikkocho, Fuchu, Tokyo 183-0044
Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation Transfer Agent Division
Tel: 0120-232-711
(Toll-free, open from 9:00 to 17:00 excluding Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays)

Payment Dates

  • Interim dividend - Mid May
  • Year-end dividend - Late November

Please note that FR dividends, as determined by company articles of association, cannot be paid to the shareholder if a period of three full years has elapsed since the opening day for payment. Please receive your payments promptly on or shortly after the opening date.

To HDR holders, please refer to our press release which will be announced in August.

Shareholder Special Benefit Program

FAST RETAILING does not currently offer such a program.

Stock Buyback Summary

Board of Directors' Resolution Acquisition Method Completion Date Number of Stocks Purchased Total Amount
Jan.8,2002 Purchase through Stock Market Jan.23,2002 800,000 stocks 5,473,225,000 yen
Jan.24,2002 Purchase through Stock Market Feb.20,2002 1,200,000 stocks 6,868,237,000 yen

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