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Dividend Payout Policy

Last Updated: 2023.10.13
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The Fast Retailing places one of the highest priorities on returning our profits to shareholders. Therefore, we work to constantly improve business performance and to consistently distribute profits in a fair manner. We plan to deliver strong shareholder returns, while taking into account the funding and financial strength required for future expansion of the group's businesses and increased profits.

In general, the Fast Retailing pays a dividend from the retained earnings twice a year — an interim dividend and a final dividend. The dividend amount is decided at the board of directors' meeting unless otherwise decreed by law.

Dividend summary

Dividend summary

Note: Dividend amounts have been adjusted to reflect stock splits.

The dividend payout ratio is shown on a consolidated basis from fiscal 2002, and on IFRS basis from fiscal 2014.
We implemented a three-for-one split of the Company's common stock on March 1, 2023.
Dividend payments for past fiscal years have been adjusted to reflect this stock split.

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