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Risk Management

Last Updated: 2018.11.15
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Our Approach to Risk Management

Fast Retailing believes that preventing actual or potential risks by calculating unforeseen risks such as large-scale natural disaster or leakage of customer information, and ensuring appropriate risk management are essential to the sustainable growth of its business. The company regularly identifies potential risks to its operational activities, and is always seeking to strengthen its frameworks for specifying and managing significant risks.

Risk Management Framework

Fast Retailing has established a Risk Management Committee under the direct jurisdiction of the Board of Directors. The Risk Management Committee, chaired by the Group CFO, is responsible for the central management of group-wide risks. The Committee analyses and evaluates the frequency and impact of any risk on operations, debates countermeasures in the order of risk priority and seeks to contain any risk before it occurs. The Committee also submits reports on significant risks to the Board of Directors, and provides concrete support to individual departments on risk management and countermeasures.

Risk Management Committee

Information Security Framework

Fast Retailing has been working to strengthen its information security frameworks to stay abreast of its increasingly global operations, a rising proportion of online sales, and the enactment of increasingly strict laws relating to the protection of personal information in countries and regions around the world. We established an Information Security Office under the direct jurisdiction of the Group Chief Security Officer (CSO), the executive director responsible for information security. We also determined some Basic Rules on Information Security and some Basic Rules on the Handling of Personal Information to help strengthen company information management frameworks and practices. To instill a deep understanding of the importance of information security, the Legal Affairs and Compliance Department also offers regular e-learning and other education and awareness programs on information security for employees.

In the rare event that an information security problem does arise, the CSO will lead a cooperative effort by relevant departments to implement swift measures to prevent the problem reoccurring, and ensure timely and appropriate disclosure of any incidents in accordance with relevant legislation.

Information Security Framework

Basic Rules on Information Security

Fast Retailing's Basic Rules on Information Security determine the fundamental measures required to maintain and improve information security relating to the use and protection of Fast Retailing information assets (unpublished information required for Fast Retailing operational activities that might risk damaging the company in some way if disclosed, leaked, lost or damaged).

Basic Rules on Handling Personal Information

Our Basic Rules on Handling Personal Information govern the appropriate handling of personal information held by Fast Retailing, and the sharing of personal information with third parties or outsourcing companies.

Crisis Management Framework in Times of Natural Disaster

Fast Retailing has put in place a crisis management framework to use if a natural disaster occurs in areas where it has store operations. We offer swift support to secure the well-being of our customers and employees, and help restore store operations. In the event of a major natural disaster, each operation's sales support department sets up an emergency response headquarters enabling us to confirm people's safety and gain a swift understanding of any store damage. Depending on the extent of any damage, we decide if a store can continue operating or not, and inform customers of our decision. In the event of extensive damage, we will establish an emergency response center headed by the Fast Retailing president, chairman and CEO to formulate and implement a coordinated recovery plan and individual store reconstruction measures.

If a fire or an earthquake occurs during store operating hours, we will follow the instructions listed under the disaster response sections of our operations manual in undertaking an initial response, and guiding and evacuating customers.

Natural Disaster Response Process

Natural Disaster Response Process

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