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Privacy Protection

Last Updated: 2020.06.30
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Protecting Personal Information

As a company that has earned the trust of customers, business partners, shareholders, local communities and all other stakeholders, Fast Retailing firmly recognizes the safe use and protection of personal information as a key management issue and a key social responsibility that should be embraced by all officers and employees. In addition to introducing ever more rigorous internal management procedures surrounding the handling of personal information throughout the Fast Retailing Group and establishing systems to put stakeholders' minds at ease, we are also striving to strengthen compliance with all laws and regulations relating to information security and other relevant areas. Our Fast Retailing Group Code of Conduct determines the appropriate management of personal and other information, and we take strict measures to any infringement of those rules, including disciplinary sanctions, if warranted.

Protecting Personal Information

Fast Retailing's Personal Information Basic Regulations detail the basic areas that must be adhered to in order to ensure the building of strong, exhaustive systems for protecting personal information. In addition to determining guidelines for the protection and management of personal information, we also seek to promote strong awareness of the rules surrounding information handling through our training and information security portal.

These Basic Regulations apply to all executives and employees across the company, regardless of whether they work in our head office or in our stores. The rules are reviewed or revised when appropriate after considering any changes in the social climate surrounding the protection of personal information, industry standards, legal obligations, and requirements for business operations.

Strengthening Personal Information Management Framework

Fast Retailing appoints an officer in charge of all matters relating to the handling of personal information and has a dedicated team within the Information Security Office tasked with protecting personal information. The officer in charge and the dedicated team conduct continuous, exhaustive checks of our personal information management systems and formulate improvement measures where required. We also assign a personal information management officer to each department, who implements our personal information management measures on a practical level.

In addition, our Risk Management Committee, which operates under the direct jurisdiction of the Board of Directors and consists of Board members and managers of relevant departments, receives reports on the identification of risks and the management of personal information. The committee also advises or directs all departments that execute business operations regarding the overall direction of future policy as well as the proposal and implementation of concrete initiatives.

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Personal Information Management within the Company

Our dedicated personal information protection team consistently checks and confirms appropriate and safe management measures regarding handling of personal information are in place across all internal operations.

Personal Information Management at Subcontractors

Our dedicated personal information protection team consistently confirms the smooth operation of appropriate and safe personal information management measures at subcontractors by conducting on-the-spot inspections. The team also trains on-site inspection officers to deepen their understanding of the measures required for the safe management of personal information.

Improving Employee Awareness

We are strengthening training opportunities for employees to help foster a corporate environment that strives to ensure the appropriate management of personal information. We work to increase awareness surrounding the protection of personal information by sending frequent email reminders and conducting annual e-learning training for all officers and employees, as well as for temporary staff and subcontractors working on-site.

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Privacy Policy

Fast Retailing recognizes the importance of ensuring the appropriate management of any personal information it holds about customers, shareholders, business partners, employees, job applicants and any other persons essential to our business operations, and handles personal information in compliance with the prevailing laws and regulations of each individual market. To ensure this, Fast Retailing formulates privacy policies for each of its operational companies and promotes widespread awareness of that policy. We clearly stipulate our basic approach and strategy surrounding the protection and management of personal information to all of our stakeholders.

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