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Messages from External Directors and Audit & Supervisory Board Members

Last Updated: 2024.02.29
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Firmly Managing Global Risks, Finding Best Ways to Increase Corporate Value

I believe the best way to increase shareholder value is to prize capital market perspectives and objectively judge how these markets perceive Fast Retailing's corporate value. I intend to ensure solid global risk management and offer advice from a broad range of perspectives to ensure Fast Retailing continues to fulfill market expectations as a highly respected company that is expected to grow strongly in the future.

Nobumichi Hattori, External Director

Nobumichi Hattori,
External Director

Appointed November 2005. Formerly worked at Goldman Sachs. Currently a research specialist in M&A and corporate value evaluation. Also serves as Visiting Professor at Waseda Graduate School of Business and Finance, and at Keio University Graduate School of Business Administration; External Director at Hakuhodo DY Holdings Inc.

Promoting Digital Consumer Retailing, Building Frameworks for the Next Phase

Fast Retailing is proceeding with its transformation into a digital consumer retailing company and accelerating its efforts to analyze data and acquire knowledge. Fast Retailing made efficient investments in updated IT systems, which are now supporting operations and earning a strong reputation. Fast Retailing is also attracting exceptionally talented employees and building frameworks for the next stage of growth. The Board should support this progress.

Masaaki Shintaku, External Director

Masaaki Shintaku,
External Director

Appointed November 2009. Previously Executive Vice President of Oracle Corp. (US) and Chairman of Oracle Corp. (Japan). Currently External Director of NTT DOCOMO, INC., NTT Communications Corporation and Member of External Audit Committee, Juntendo University School of Medicine Juntendo Clinic.

Providing Valuable Frontline Information to Improve Management

During my career as senior manager, I believed that a company's frontline operations were paramount, and I still do. I make casual visits to stores and listen to customer opinions. I also propose management improvements gleaned from my experiences as an individual consumer. Our Board is well-balanced and boasts members with diverse business backgrounds. Everyone exchanges lively opinions and Mr. Yanai is always open to ideas.

Naotake Ono, External Director

Naotake Ono
External Director

Appointed November 2018. Formerly Director, Senior Managing Executive Officer, Executive Vice President, President & COO, and Special Advisor to Daiwa House Industry Co., Ltd. Currently, Parttime Director of Nomura School of Advanced Management and Special Advisor at Asai Ken Architectural Research Institute and Patience Capital Group Pte Ltd.

As Diversity Drives Growth, We Need Diverse Perspectives

As Fast Retailing's first female external director and the first director who is not a Japanese national, I strive to make proposals from diverse perspectives. Mr. Yanai, who is well versed in ESG matters, shares my belief that diversity is the driver of growth. I want to help create the organizational frameworks to achieve this. Nurturing role models to promote "womenomics" is part of that effort.

Kathy Mitsuko Koll (Kathy Matsui)

Kathy Mitsuko Koll (Kathy Matsui)
External Director

Appointed November 2021. Worked as a partner and then Vice Chairperson at Goldman Sachs Japan Co., Ltd. Currently serves as Councilor of the Fast Retailing Foundation and General Partner of MPower Partners Fund L.P.

With an Eye on the Future, Suggesting the Best Steps Now

I intend to use my experience and expertise in construction to offer even better proposals and advice on how to build sustainable next-generation stores that will meet future standards. That means determinedly balancing profit and sustainability and pursuing necessary steps based on future scenarios. As a director, I want to support this kind of innovation at Fast Retailing.

Joji Kurumado, External Director

Joji Kurumado
External Director

Appointed November 2022. In January 1982, received Japanese First-class Architect certification. Served as General Design Manager, Executive Officer in Charge of Design, Managing Executive Officer, and Advisor at Takenaka Corporation. Currently, Part-time Lecturer in the Department of Architecture, School of Creative Science and Engineering, Waseda University.

Maximizing Growth Potential by Stressing Medium- and Long-term Perspectives

I have worked for many years in the food industry, so the idea of LifeWear as a daily necessity resonates with me. I have experience in the United States, Europe, and Asia in global and executive management, and I apply that knowledge to my responsibilities as an external director by helping improve medium- to long-term corporate value at Fast Retailing, which has great growth potential.

Yutaka Kyoya, External Director

Yutaka Kyoya
External Director

Appointed November 2022. Formerly Director at Lawson, Inc., and COO of Foods (Commodity) Division and Executive Vice President & Group CEO of the Mitsubishi Corporation Consumer Industry Group. Currently Representative Director, President, CEO, CSO and CHO of Mitsubishi Shokuhin Co., Ltd.

Offering Multifaceted Advice

It is important that the external Audit & Supervisory Board members of a swift, effective company such as Fast Retailing support the company's growth opportunities while also offering risk-mitigating advice from multiple perspectives. I always do my utmost to conduct vigilant reviews and strengthen corporate structure.

Keiko Kaneko, Audit & Supervisory Board Member

Keiko Kaneko
Audit & Supervisory Board Member

Appointed November 2012. Partner at Anderson Mori & Tomotsune LPC; Audit & Supervisory Board Member at UNIQLO CO., LTD.; External Audit & Supervisory Board Member at The Asahi Shimbun Company and External Director at Daifuku Co., Ltd.

Offer Candid Opinions on Diverse Issues

The stronger the opinion, the more attentively Mr. Yanai listens, so Audit & Supervisory Board Members and directors can always conduct open-minded discussions. With over 30 years' experience as a corporate restructuring consultant, accountant, and tax expert, I can advise on these matters and also offer suggestions on various issues that go beyond my external Audit & Supervisory Board Member remit.

Takao Kashitani, Audit & Supervisory Board Member

Takao Kashitani
Audit & Supervisory Board Member

Appointed November 2018. Director of Brain Group (Kashitani Accounting Office); President of Brain Core Co., Ltd. and of FP Brain Co., Ltd.; External Director at Japan Freight Railway Company.

Supporting our mission to grow business in harmony with society

Fast Retailing's mission is to grow in harmony with society. Is the decisionmaking process appropriate? Is the company's economic and social value consistently increasing? What risks hinder the realization of the company's business plans? It is my job to look into these matters and strengthen global governance.

Masakatsu Mori, Audit & Supervisory Board Member

Masakatsu Mori
Audit & Supervisory Board Member

Appointed November 2020. Currently serves as Special Advisor to the International University of Japan, and External Director at Stanley Electric Co., Ltd. and Kirin Holdings Company.

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