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Last Updated: 2013.09.25

UNIQLO Unveils 2013 HEATTECH Collection Expanded Lineup Designed for Optimal Comfort

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UNIQLO today announces the lineup for its 2013 collection of signature HEATTECH highly functional winter apparel, featuring great new designs and innovative performance enhancements - for a line of exceptionally comfortable garments.

Highlights in the new collection include enhancements to the women's innerwear line, to make it even softer on the skin, and brand new items such as sweaters, leggings pants, and corduroy jeans - allowing UNIQLO customers to clad themselves from head to toe in the comfort of HEATTECH this winter. This year, UNIQLO is also adding a new HEATTECH Extra Warm line, to offer even greater protection from the cold.

As the HEATTECH brand enters the second decade since its 2003 debut, UNIQLO continues to expand the lineup. UNIQLO is offering a selection of some 250 different HEATTECH items for the 2013 fall, winter season, responding to customer feedback to add new designs and enhance the functionality of the popular product line. Mindful that HEATTECH garments are often worn directly against the skin, UNIQLO continues to refine and improve the line's design and fabric to ensure it offers the lightest, softest touch and the maximum level of comfort. By expanding the already extensive HEATTECH lineup, UNIQLO aims to offer customers a selection that keeps them warm and comfortable in any environment this winter.

Great new items from the 2013 HEATTECH collection are now on sale at UNIQLO stores in 14 markets worldwide, and online at www.uniqlo.com - with many more on their way over the coming weeks and months.

New HEATTECH Items, Now Available

This season, UNIQLO has added new HEATTECH items that go far beyond the brand's signature innerwear, including HEATTECH sweaters for men and HEATTECH leggings pants and corduroy pants for women. These new items complement popular mainstays returning from last season, such as HEATTECH fleece and jeans, creating a massive selection of about 250 great items of HEATTECH apparel. By offering an even more comprehensive collection, featuring a wider range of outerwear, UNIQLO aims to offer customers HEATTECH that keeps them warm in any environment this winter. Women sensitive to the cold are sure to welcome the arrival of HEATTECH Waist Warm Short Pants, featuring body warmers. These new innerwear lines are specifically designed to protect the waist and hips from the cold.

New HEATTECH Extra Warm Offers Up to 1.5 times the Warmth

UNIQLO developed the new HEATTECH Extra Warm line in response to customer demand for HEATTECH apparel designed for extra warmth, even in extreme cold. HEATTECH Extra Warm is made from a special HEATTECH fabric that features a different knit construction and a napped inner surface, creating a layer with air pockets. This special fabric makes HEATTECH Extra Warm up to 1.5 times warmer than regular HEATTECH (calculated using clo figures, which measure clothing insulation. Refers to the warmth of HEATTECH Extra Warm compared with regular HEATTECH innerwear. Men's 1.4 times, and women's 1.6, on average). (Test method is ISO9920).

Blending Camellia Oil into the Fabric, for a Softer Fabric Texture

Camellia oil has been blended into the fabric of women's HEATTECH innerwear to produce an even softer fabric texture.

Superb Range of Colors and Patterns, Featuring Collaborative Prints

UNIQLO is offering a terrific range of fresh designs for its HEATTECH lines for women this season. Sales for new lines created in collaboration with print designer Celia Birtwell, textiles brand SOU・SOU, fashion designer Orla Kiely and design firm EK JAM FACTORY BY ELEY KISHIMOTO will begin in stages from September. Designs include new, original textile patterns designed specifically for HEATTECH. These colorful prints are set to offer a great contrast to the traditionally more subdued winter styles. UNIQLO has also added fun prints to its kids' HEATTECH lineup, designed to brighten up gray winter days. The new lineup for kids includes designs co-created with girls' favorites, such as homeware and textiles label GreenGate and Hello Kitty designer Sanrio, with Pokémon cartoon prints for the boys.


HEATTECH Technology

UNIQLO's efforts to continually enhance the performance of the HEATTECH line are driven by customer feedback from around the world. Not only has UNIQLO been able to improve the performance of HEATTECH's core functions to develop fabric that is warmer, thinner, and lighter, it has also successfully added several new features, including quick dry, anti-odor, and odor control. UNIQLO is committed to continuing its quest to create garments that offer even greater comfort.


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