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Last Updated: 2010.06.08


UNIQLO is selling charity T-shirts - produced in collaboration with UNHCR, these T-shirts
were designed with messages contributed by celebrated artists.
As last year, all proceeds from the sale of the items will be donated to UNHCR and refugee assistance programs.

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UNIQLO conducts a recycling initiative to collect used but still wearable clothing from it's customers and donates the clothing to refugee camps around the world with the support of the UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees). To deepen the worldwide understanding of issues faced by refugees, UNIQLO has been operating the "UTxUNHCR Charity T-shirt Project" since 2009.

For this year's project, special T-shirts were designed with messages inspired by the key words: future, freedom and dream. Seven people were selected to contribute messages of peace, including celebrities from various industries, students, and UNHCR supporters. Just as they were last year, all proceeds from the sale of the items will be donated to UNHCR and refugee assistance programs.

UNIQLO's All-Product Recycling Initiative

Since September of 2006, UNIQLO has been conducting the All-Product Recycling Initiative, a program that collects any used UNIQLO clothing that customers no longer need (the program has been operating year-round since March 2010). Collected items are not just recycled as energy resources or fibers; the items are distributed (for reuse) to refugees and displaced people around the world as relief clothing with the cooperation of international organizations, NPOs and NGOs. The need for clothing does not seem very urgent compared to the need for food and medical supplies, and clothing is continuously in short supply at refugee camps. Through partnering with United Nations refugee support organization UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees), UNIQLO has distributed over 2,050,000 pieces of clothing to refugee camps in 12 countries (as of the end of 2009).

UNQILO is selling charity T-shirts through our collaboration with UNHCR, and all profits from sales will be donated and allocated to support refugees

UNIQLO and UNHCR started the "UTxUNHCR Charity T-shirt Project" in 2009. We are continuing the project into this year with the aim of realizing support of refugees in the mid and long-term, and permanently solving some of the problems faced by refugees and displaced people.

The project consists of selling charity T-shirts produced in collaboration with people from all walks of life including students, UNHCR supporters, and celebrities from various industries. All proceeds from the sale of the items are then donated to UNHCR and refugee assistance programs. Supporters of this project, including Naoki Ishikawa, Kazumasa Oda, Ikuko Kawai, Jessica Michibata, Eto Mori, all members of Tadaaki Wakamatsu and J-FUN Youth (student supporters of UNHCR activities) all contributed messages of building a peaceful society and pointing the world in a better direction. Based on the keywords future, freedom, and dream, the "Mirai e no Tenbou: VISION FOR THE FUTURE" of each member is spelled out in these charity T-shirts.
*UT: UNIQLO T-shirt



UNIQLO'S wish - to increase awareness of refugee issues through these T-shirts

To return the more than 30 million refugees and displaced people worldwide to a peaceful life, UNIQLO thinks it is necessary to make the greatest number of people possible aware of the issues they face. Changing the awareness one person at a time will become the driving force that changes the world. It is the wish of UNIQLO that these T-shirts and their messages will be the first step toward the permanent resolution of the problems faced by refugees. 

On-sale date :   Monday, June 14, 2010  
Graphics on sale :   4 in men's, 4 in women's 
Sizes:   S, M, L, XL 
OPrice including taxes :      1,500 yen each 
Participating stores :   UNIQLO stores in: Japan (large-format stores and
UT STORE HARAJUKU, 91 stores altogether),
China, Hong Kong, Korea, the US, the UK, France,
Russia, and Singapore (with some exceptions) and
the UNIQLO Online Store. 


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