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Last Updated: 2012.06.15

Fast Retailing Launches Global Clothing Donation Drive in Response to UNHCR Call for 3,000,000 Garments for Refugees

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June 15, 2012, Tokyo, Japan - Fast Retailing (FR) today announces the launch of a global donation drive in response to a call from the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) to gather three million garments for distribution to refugees worldwide this fall and winter. FR is asking its customers to donate any items of UNIQLO and g.u. branded clothing they no longer wear via its All-Product Recycling Initiative. Donations will be accepted at all UNIQLO and g.u. stores in Japan, as well as UNIQLO stores in the US, South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, France and the UK.

With the support of FR customers around the world, the Company aims to meet UNHCR's call for three million garments by the end of August. FR will then sort donated clothing ready for delivery in the fall and winter months to refugee camps supported by the UNHCR in Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

The All-Product Recycling Initiative is the centerpiece of FR's efforts to help displaced people around the world. In February 2011, FR formed a global partnership with the UNHCR--the first by a Japanese company--to expand and strengthen the scope of this initiative.

FR asks customers to bring in unneeded UNIQLO and g.u. clothing to its stores

Three million garments are desperately needed at refugee camps in several locations, primarily in Africa. FR asks customers to donate UNIQLO and g.u. garments they no longer wear that may be lying forgotten in dressers and closets. Starting mid-June, donations will be accepted at all UNIQLO stores in Japan, the US, South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, France and the UK, as well as g.u. stores in Japan. While FR accepts donations of all items bought at UNIQLO and g.u. stores year round, for this drive there is a particularly great need for winter clothing, T-shirts and warm-weather wear and kids' clothes. Please see details outlined below:

Winter clothing: HEATTECH, fleeces, down jackets/vests and other cold-weather wear that offer respite from winter chill.
Summer clothing: T-shirts, polo shirts and warm-weather clothes are urgently needed in parts of Africa.
Kids' clothing: Items like shirts and pants that can help make children less vulnerable to disease and injury are in great need. Kids' clothing in particular is always in short supply.

FR hopes to meet its target of collecting three million items of clothing by August-end. Following the collection drive, FR is responsible for the sorting and delivery during the fall and winter months. Donated clothes will be supplied to refugee camps; e.g., in Kenya, Ethiopia, South Sudan, Nepal, and Kyrgyzstan as well as camps in other countries sheltering refugees from Afghanistan and Somalia. FR respectfully requests that customers launder all garments for donation before bringing them in to stores to help the Company promptly deliver them to refugees.

In Japan, FR is also holding a drive for cash donations at UNIQLO and g.u. stores through the end of August. Donated funds will go toward helping refugees via the UNHCR. FR greatly appreciates all customer contributions.

Recycling programs with Japanese schools

In Japan, FR has supported recycling programs at universities, high schools and elementary schools since 2009 to promote greater awareness and participation in the All-Product Recycling Initiative. As of last year, 12 schools had held successful drives, collecting a total of some 50,000 items of clothing for recycling.
This year, FR and the UNHCR have invited more schools to participate and about 30 are planning to hold collection drives. FR employees will visit participating schools, hold lectures for students and work with them to coordinate collection drives. The company is also planning to begin accepting applications from schools for next year's program. Details will be posted on FR's homepage once plans are finalized.

All-Product Recycling Initiative

FR has operated the All-Product Recycling Initiative since 2006. Thanks to the generous support of UNIQLO and g.u. customers, the Company has collected 14.1 million garments (as of April 2012), with 5.2 million safely delivered to displaced people in 23 countries around the world so far. About 90% of donated clothing is still in good enough condition to reuse. Since 2007, FR has delivered clothing to people in need throughout the world, with a particular focus on refugee camps. FR aims to supply good quality clothing to people in need and optimize the lifespan of its clothes. Please see the following link for more information about the All-Product Recycling Initiative: https://www.uniqlo.com/en/csr/


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