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Last Updated: 2007.10.29

Report on September 2007 recycling campaign

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Approx. 430,000 items collected in September 2007 recycling campaign,
90% of clothes to be donated to Nepalese and other refugee camps

As part of our CSR activities, during the months of March and September, UNIQLO CO., LTD. recycles any UNIQLO product brought into stores by customers. This campaign is called “Thank You Recycle” as an expression of gratitude to participating customers. In this third campaign, we managed to collect 430,000 items. The number of items collected each time is increasing thanks to the cooperation and support of our customers. We will be able to reuse roughly 90% of the clothing collected this time as aid to developing countries.

UNIQLO CO., LTD. has been collecting and recycling its own used fleece products since September 2001. And we have gradually expanded the scope of these activities to now include the full UNIQLO product range. Since September 2006, we have conducted a regular, reliable collection and recycling service during the months of March and September. The clothes that we collect from participating customers are recycled as fuel or fiber materials, or reused as relief clothing. And we are keen to pursue these meaningful activities to the very best of our ability.

 Recycling breakdown for September 2007     
 Items collected: Approx. 430,000 items
 Recycling breakdown  
     Reusable (support for developing countries) : 90%
     Fuel recycling (electrical energy): 9%
     Material recycling (industrial cotton waste, thermal insulation): 1%

 90% of items to be donated to refugee camps in Nepal and other countries

Thanks to the cooperation of various refugee support groups and institutions※, 90% of the clothing collected in the September campaign will be donated to refugee camps in Nepal and other parts of Asia. It will be our second opprotunity to support the Nepalese refugee camp following the donation and distribution carried out in February this year. Indeed, UNHCR working in Nepal has decided to incorporate UNIQLO clothing donations into their annual aid program. We hope to deliver the goodwill of our customers directly along with their clothes.

 International organizations and NGOs giving their full cooperation to the refugee camp donations
   ・   United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees(UNHCR)
   ・  Japan Relief Clothing Center (JRCC)


・For details of our product recycling: https://www.fastretailing.com/eng/sustainability/community/donating_clothing.html

・For our product recycling report on donations to refugee camps: https://www.uniqlo.com/en/sustainability/refugees/