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Last Updated: 2010.09.20

Fast Retailing Annual Report Receives Gold Award at the ARC Awards ,the World's Biggest Annual Report Competition

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Awarded Gold Award at ARC Awards

The Fast Retailing annual report, Annual Report 2009, was awarded the Gold Award in the Retail: Specialty Stores category of the Overall Annual Report division at the International ARC Awards 2010 held in the United States, the world's biggest annual report competition.

The Fast Retailing annual report is a booklet that communicates a wide variety of information to all stakeholders, not only investors but also business partners and individuals. Such information includes the corporate concept, operational details, the company's business model and mission statement, strategies for growth, risk information, financial information, CSR activities, and governance information.

About the International ARC Awards

The International ARC Awards contest is an annual report competition held by MerComm, Inc.*, an independent awards organization located in the United States. The organization is free from the influence of specific industries, advertisers, or sponsors, as reviews and evaluations are carried out by judges from a variety of countries and working in a wide range of industries, with nearly 200 judges &mdash including the financial industry, private corporations, and production industries &mdash represented. This year, the 24th year the awards were held, more than 1,900 entries were received from 27 countries around the globe.

Works are judged focusing on criteria centered around the category in which they are entered, with such criteria including Overall, Cover Design, Chairman's Letter, Photos, etc. Within each category, one Gold Award, one Silver Award, one Bronze Award, and one Honors Award are given out to selected works.

In reviews and evaluations of annual reports, items evaluated include whether the company's message is clear to the reader, the persuasiveness of the writing (from the mission statement onward), how easy the financial information is to read and understand, originality of the cover and interior design, the cohesiveness of the overall report, and other items. Evaluations are exceedingly strict, with an evaluation of "not applicable" given if the minimum required score is not attained. The Gold Award has particularly exacting demands, requiring an average score of 90 or higher out of a total possible score of 100 points (for all evaluation items together); only approximately 5% of award recipients receive a Gold Award.

The awards ceremony is held annually in September in New York. This year, it will be held on September 16th.

*MerComm,Inc: An independent awards organization that presents awards to corporations, groups and individuals who have engaged in original and effective communications in the areas of internal company guidance, annual reports, Web communications, etc., and who have contributed to the development of communication methods at a global level, with the aim of maintaining high standards for corporate communications. The organization has no advertisers or sponsors, allowing for fair and impartial reviews and evaluations.

Fast Retailing Annual Report 2009 Theme: Change the world with great clothes


The Fast Retailing annual report may be downloaded using the links below.
English version:https://www.fastretailing.com/eng/ir/library/annual.html
Japanese version:https://www.fastretailing.com/jp/ir/library/annual.html


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