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Last Updated: 2019.07.22

Apology Posted on the UNIQLO South Korea Website

Fast Retailing Co., Ltd.
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During its recent earnings results announcement, a Fast Retailing executive made a statement that included an insufficient explanation regarding the current situation in South Korea. Fast Retailing issued the following statement to explain to its South Korean customers the actual intent of the remarks, and apologizes for the distress caused.

Fast Retailing Group sincerely apologizes to its customers in South Korea for the distress caused by insufficient remarks made by its executive during the recent earnings results announcement.

The explanation during the earnings results announcement held in Tokyo on July 11, 2019, was given in response to a question from the media regarding the South Korean boycotts of Japanese products. Because poor expressions were used, the actual intent was not properly conveyed, ultimately causing distress to many customers, for which the company sincerely apologizes.

In response to a question, the Fast Retailing executive remarked, "There has been a certain degree of impact on sales recently. It is only natural that there would be some effect. However, we value our customers in every country without being unduly swayed by political circumstances, and earnestly offer LifeWear rooted in those countries. We have received continued patronage in South Korea for many years, so we do not think the effects will continue for long. However, in the short term there will be a certain degree of impact."

The actual intent of these remarks was to assert that Fast Retailing will continue to do what it has been doing without any change, which is to continue to make a sincere effort to provide quality goods and services and that, since the company has received continued support in South Korea for many years, it hopes the effects will not last long. The executive should have clearly stated that "we hope," but instead poorly expressed this as "we think." This differed from the original intent, and the sentiment it conveyed was that "we do not expect the boycott to continue for long," which caused distress to customers in South Korea.

Fast Retailing once more apologizes that these insufficient remarks did not properly convey the actual intent, and ultimately caused distress to many customers in South Korea.

Fast Retailing Group and UNIQLO will continue to do their utmost to provide customers throughout the world with quality products and services.

Fast Retailing FRL Korea Co., Ltd.

Fast Retailing sincerely apologizes for the distress this incident has caused. The company apologizes to its customers in South Korea for the distress caused by these insufficient remarks.

Fast Retailing Group will continue to strive to provide products and services that satisfy customers around the world. The company asks for your continued support.


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