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Last Updated: 2012.05.15

UNIQLO Cool Biz 2012

Cool Biz Summer Clothes
A Selection of Items to Provide Cool Comfort for all Workers

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May 15, 2012, Tokyo, Japan - Work occupies most of the hours we are awake. That makes it especially important to wear clothes at work that are comfortable. With this in mind Uniqlo has produced a line of clothes that are particularly ideal for the hot summer months. These are functional clothes that are also fashionable and of superior quality. There are items designed for the office and for home. Your needs may be different depending on where you work, but we believe you will be able to find something to make you happy.

What is UNIQLO's "Cool Biz"?

In 2005, Japan's Ministry of Environment began an energy-saving campaign that it called "Cool Biz." The idea was to promote a dress code that helped workers in offices remain cool even when the thermostat in the office was set at 28 degrees centigrade. That idea was expanded further to "Super Cool Biz" in 2011 with an even more casual business attire deemed acceptable. The concept has gained wide public acceptance. UNIQLO is providing a variety of stylish suggestions of comfortable clothes to wear in the summer not only to work, but for a variety of occasions.

"Cool Biz" items that combine function and fashion

UNIQLO provides a wide selection of clothes to help weather the muggy summer days even if the threat of a power shortage persists, as it did last summer. There are about 200 different colors and designs for its signature Dry Pique Short Sleeve Polo Shirt. Other items suitable for the summer include the Dry Anti-Odor Button-Down Short Sleeve Polo Shirt (only available for men) and the Dry Mesh Short Sleeve Polo Shirt which has been re-designed so that it can be worn around town. They are now even more fashionable, while improvements have also been made in both quality and functionality. We are confident that you will be able to find a product that will suit your needs from among the roughly 1,500 items available. This also includes the wrinkle‐resistant processing dry easy care shirt and dry pants.

Functional innerwear Silky Dry and Sarafine

There is a tendency to wear less and skip putting on inner wear when temperatures and humidity rise. However, this will not relieve you from the discomfort caused by perspiration and moisture trapped inside clothes. The sweat also causes the outer wear to become transparent and look untidy.

Silky Dry, the men's inner wear line, resolves all such problems. Silky Dry inner wear has been provided with anti-odor qualities that reduce unwanted body odors. It also quickly absorbs and releases perspiration. This year, further improvements have been made to the extremely fine fibers. Silky Dry is so comfortable that you will almost forget that you are wearing it. An extra layer of clothing will provide more comfort during the summer months.

Sarafine is the inner wear line created for women, who are sensitive to the cold air from air conditioning. Sarafine has been designed so that body heat is even more quickly released to create a cool and refreshing sensation. Improvements have also been made to the extremely fine fibers for an even better soft texture and silky touch. UNIQLO has added camisoles, short-sleeves and bra tops to the line.

A list of "Cool Biz" styles for 2012

These suggestions have been prepared together with a stylist

[ 1 ]

The polo shirt and color jeans are traditionally casual wear items.
Men typically carry leather briefcases when wearing a suit, but they should exchange that for a canvas bag to match this more casual look. Cropped pants should be avoided. The pants should be worn in a regular length with leather shoes to make the look more suitable for the office. The polo shirt should be tucked inside a pair of pants worn with a belt. Young men should take care to wear casual items neatly for a style that is appropriate for the occasion.

Product nameColorSizePrice (Japan)
MEN Dry Anti-Odor Button-Down
Short Sleeve Polo Shirt A
6 colorsS, M, L, XL¥1,990
MEN Dry Slim Fit Color Jeans5 colors28-36 inch¥3,990
MEN Dress Mesh Belt3 colorsM、L¥1,990


[ 2 ]

Most people will struggle to wear a pair of white pants -- one of this year's trendy items -- fashionably. We suggest that they be worn casually with a T-shirt or some other casual shirt.
It is also best to match white pants with a white, black or grey top, to provide a fit look.
These pants should be worn with a pair of leather shoes and not casual sneakers.
Black leather shoes may give an impression either of being too casual or too formal depending on the design. A pair of shoes in a pale shade of brown provides the best match.

Product nameColorSizePrice (Japan)
MEN Dry Easy Jacket3 colorsS, M, L, XL¥5,990
Corporate Collaboration GRAPHIC T SHIRT music1 colorS, M, L, XL¥1,500
MEN Dry Light Weight Denim Regular Fit Jeans4 colors28-36 inch¥3,990


[ 3 ]

Our suggestion for those working in the restaurant business is a red polo shirt.It is often said that red, yellow or green, the colors found in many vegetables, when worn by those working in a restaurant help to make the food look even more appetizing. For a neat look, the polo shirt should be worn tucked inside a comfortable and cool looking pair of cropped pants.
A pair of espadrilles best completes this look. The style looks even more fashionable when complemented with a light shade of shoes and belt.

Product nameColorSizePrice (Japan)
MEN Dry Easy Jacket7 colorsS, M, L, XL¥1,990
Corporate Collaboration GRAPHIC T SHIRT music1 color73-110¥3,990
MEN Dry Light Weight Denim Regular Fit Jeans5 colorsOne size¥1,990


[ 4 ]

Older men should take extra care choosing the color of their jeans. Dark navy jeans should be chosen over stonewashed jeans or other types of denim of a light color, as this will provide a more youthful and fit look.

Product nameColorSizePrice (Japan)
MEN Dry Mesh Crew Neck Short Sleeve T Shirt10 colorsS, M, L, XL¥1,500
MEN Dry Light Weight Denim Regular Fit Jeans4 colors28-36¥3,990
Garrison Belt4 colorsOne size¥1,990


[ 5 ]

The navy cardigan helps provide a tighter look to the pale shades of the shirt and the pants shown here. The same color has been chosen for the belt and the shoes to add to the fashionable look. The cardigan should be worn with just the top button buttoned. Care has been taken so that the look is not too sexy, but is suitable to wear in the office. However, the look loses its neat look if the cardigan is unbuttoned. On the other hand it looks dowdy if it is fully buttoned. Balance, thus, is the key.

Product nameColorSizePrice (Japan)
WOMEN Extra Light Crew Neck Half Sleeve Cardigan10 colorsS, M, L, XL¥1,990
WOMEN Stretch Cropped Trousers4 colors58~73¥2,990
WOMEN Reversible Belt5 colorsM, L¥1,990
WOMEN Bra Sleeveless Top (Random Dot)2 colorsS, M, L, XL¥1,990


[ 6 ]

The soft pink tones of the sandals and shawl complement the look of the baby. The style would fade in the background if the colors worn were only white. The all-white style provides a nice cool summer look, but is slightly conservative. The added color from the shawl provides a fashionable look. Pink provides a cute look.A light purple or a saxe blue would provide a sophisticated look. Women with a light shade of hair color should wear pale colors while those with black hair should wear muted color that will also enhance the color of their skin.

Product nameColorSizePrice (Japan)
WOMEN Georgette Short Sleeve T-Blouse4 colorsM, L¥1,990
WOMEN Sarafine Camisole8 colorsS, M, L, XL¥1,990
WOMEN Easy Flare Shorts4 colorsS, M, L¥1,990
WOMEN Cotton Linen Stole9 colorsOne size¥990


[ 7 ]

Yellow is a color that typically generates an impression of being happy. It looks especially attractive on people with a pale complexion. However, the look becomes too casual when combined with a white pair of pants. We have therefore added a bag, belt and pair of shoes in matching colors, to make it appropriate for the office. A belt has been added to the tunic-length top to produce a blousing effect. This gives the impression of a higher waist, which makes the legs look longer. It is more elegant to keep the exposure of the skin at a minimum.
A top with some drapes is recommended for this look.

Product nameColorSizePrice (Japan)
WOMEN Gathered Short Sleeve Tunic4 colorsS, M, L¥1,500
WOMEN Sarafine Camisole10 colorsS, M, L, XL¥990
WOMEN Stretch Cropped Trousers4 colors58-73¥2,990
WOMEN Reversible Belt5 colorsM, L¥1,990


[ 8 ]

The combination of saxe blue skirt and a white blouse provides a very cool look. But, in combination with black hair the fashion looks a little conservative.The pair of yellow espadrilles add a vivid touch. The plain shirt and the loose cropped pants mean the best balance is to keep the top buttoned. Otherwise, the style looks a little untidy. The feminine look is further enhanced with the addition of a fragile necklace.

Product nameColorSizePrice (Japan)
WOMEN Premium Linen Long Sleeve Shirt16 colorsS, M, L, XL¥1,990
WOMEN Sarafine Bra Camisole8 colorsS, M, L, XL¥1,990
WOMEN Boyfriend Fit Chino Trousers2 colors58-73¥1,990


*These products are available at UNIQLO stores in Japan and online (http://store.uniqlo.com/)


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