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Last Updated: 2012.02.01

UNIQLO To Release UU On March 16. First Collaboration With Jun Takahashi's Undercover Label To Focus On Fashionable Family Apparel

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February 1, 2012, Tokyo, Japan - UNIQLO today announces that UNIQLO Undercover, its collaborative design project with acclaimed designer Jun Takahashi and his cult-hit Undercover fashion label, will make its retail debut on Friday, March 16. UNIQLO's first UNIQLO Undercover collection will focus on a family theme, with a full lineup of apparel for women, men, children and babies. These UNIQLO Undercover offerings will be gradually released in 32 stores in Japan, in addition to UNIQLO's 11 markets abroad, starting with the global flagship store in Tokyo's Ginza district (which will open on March 16).

As the chief designer behind Undercover's unique, street-inspired fashions, Takahashi has teamed up with UNIQLO to put his distinctively edgy yet upscale touch on the brand's high-quality, basic clothing. The full lineup covers a broad range of clothing needs, from comfortable loungewear to the perfect garments for a day out on the town. The men's line matches gentle colors with darker tones, while UNIQLO Undercover's offerings for women are based upon an exciting palette of colors and patterns drawn from Takahashi's groundbreaking label. Both the men's and women's lines feature a diverse range of fashionable cuts and patterns.

UNIQLO Undercover is all about new kind of family-oriented clothing under a singular concept. Takahashi designed the children's and babies' lines with his wife and partner, RICO. As the parents of two children, the couple lavished attention on the designs for children and babies to produce a playful combination of vibrant colors, unique prints and fine details, pushing this collection far beyond the conventional realm of children's clothing. With the new UNIQLO Undercover collection, UNIQLO and Takahashi have developed an eclectic range of fine designs for the whole family, so parents can have fun complementing their children's looks.

Product Details

Number of
(Including Tax)
Sales Period
43 items
Motorcycle Jackets, Jackets, Shirts, Hoodies, Knits, T-shirts, Jeans, Accessories (including caps and bags)S - XL1,500 -
7,990 yen
In stores
from March 16,
34 items
Jackets, Blousons, Tunics, Hoodies, Knits, T-shirts, Jeans, Lounge setsS - L1,500 -
7,990 yen
23 items
Motorcycle Jackets, Blousons, Raincoats, Cut & Sewn items, Pants, Skirts, Tunics, Dresses, T-shirts95 -
790 -
5,990 yen
5 items
Innerwear, Coveralls, T-shirts, Loungewear, Bibs60 -
990 -
1,990 yen

Jun Takahashi
Designer, Undercover

Acclaimed Japanese designer Jun Takahashi established the Undercover label with a friend in 1990, when he was a student at Bunka Fashion College in Tokyo. After Undercover's celebrated Tokyo Collection debut in 1994, the brand shifted to the global stage with a highly acclaimed appearance at Paris Fashion Week in 2002. In the international fashion world, Takahashi is known for inventively blending a distinctively punk-inspired aesthetic and elements of modern street fashion to produce uniquely high-end styles.

Product namecolorPrice incl. Tax
fatherUU Light cotton jacket(set up)+gray7,990 yen
UU cotton V-neck sweater(L)+brown2,990 yen
Extra fine cotton broadcloth check long sleeve shirtgray2,990 yen
Light cotton pants+gray3,990 yen
motherW's UU light cotton jacket+dark brown5,990 yen
W's UU sarrouel pants+  (*1)dark brown4,990 yen
W's UU cotton U neck long cardigan(7)+gray3,990 yen
W's UU lounge set(S)+pink3,990 yen
older sisG's UU printed S/S dress+pink3,990 yen
G's UU knee high socks 1P+navy790 yen
twin girlG's UU printed S/S tunic blouse+purple2,990 yen
K's UU leggings+beige990 yen
twin boyK's UU oxford L/S shirt+brown1,990 yen
G's UU color short pants+brown2,990 yen
babyBN UU bib+E (*2)off white990 yen
BN tops & bottoms+ (*2)dark gray1,500 yen
fatherUU Bikers jacket+black7,990 yen
UU Broad cloth long sleeve shirt+white2,990 yen
Skinny fit jeans+black4,990 yen
motherW's UU denim ankle length pants+gray4,990 yen
W's UU print pullover half sleeve tunic+gray3,990 yen
UU Work cap+gray1,990 yen
old sisG's UU Vneck Cardigan(L)+blue2,990 yen
K's UU light cotton T(S)+yellow990 yen
G's UU summer corduroy skirt+blue2,990 yen
twin girlG's UU printed S/S tunic blouse+pink2,990 yen
K's UU leggings+navy990 yen
twin boyK's UU riders jacket+black4,990 yen
K's UU light cotton T(S)+blue990 yen
K's UU skinny fit pants+black2,990 yen

*1: Available: Will be available online and UNIQLO Ginza store
*2: Available: Will begin reaching stores from mid April


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