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Last Updated: 2011.12.20

UNIQLO Adopts New Approach to Recruitment in Japan

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December 20, 2011, Tokyo, Japan - On December 1st this year UNIQLO began to adopt a new method of recruiting people in Japan that replaces its previous, more conventional style of recruitment of university graduates. The change comes just as UNIQLO prepares to recruit from both current university students and recent university graduates for positions starting from 2013. The company also welcomes applications from people of all nationalities, whether they are recent graduates or mid-career professionals.

The new UNIQLO hiring initiative is an important departure from the conventional Japanese recruitment process; it gives individual job-seekers more time to seriously think about their career paths, ensuring a more open application process that will be driven more by the needs of the individuals, rather than solely serving the aims of the company.

UNIQLO seeks people who will help it 'change clothes, change conventional wisdom and change the world'

UNIQLO is committed to break free from the conventional approach to clothing in order to truly benefit people throughout the world. This is an extremely ambitious goal, but UNIQLO is seeking new recruits who are willing to take on the challenge of changing the world for the better. More specifically, the company plans to hire 500 people in Japan, including university graduates, mid-career professionals, and even dainishinsotsu, the Japanese term used to describe 'second-generation graduates' who have been out of school for up to three years and already have some work experience.

Job opportunities for university students, recent graduates and mid-career professionals of any nationality

UNIQLO believes that the job-hunting process should be enjoyable, so individuals can lay the foundation for their future career development with a sense of hopeful optimism. In addition, the process should be one that focuses on the needs of individuals, rather than those of companies. Based on this thinking, UNIQLO has adopted a new approach that gives applicants more time and freedom in choosing their future career paths.

UNIQLO will make its recruiting process more accessible to all by eliminating time constraints, to ensure maximum freedom for job seekers as they look for the best match. Now, students at any point in their university studies may apply, as well as fresh graduates and mid-career professionals--regardless of their country of origin. The company hopes this approach will help to provide a wider range of opportunities for students and professionals alike to think about the work they are most suited for, while promoting a more active and flexible approach to the job-hunting process. UNIQLO is determined to promote individual growth as part of its aim to become a company in which all employees have the opportunity to succeed on a global level.

Recruitment policy for 2013

UNIQLO will hire individuals who share the company's vision of changing the world for the better.
UNIQLO will recruit all new people on an ongoing basis; previously, this was only done for mid-career professionals.
All university students, regardless of current level of study, as well as so-called dainishinotsu, or 'second-generation' graduates and experienced professionals, will be able to apply to UNIQLO at any time.
Work experience programs and business management training programs will be open to applicants prior to officially joining the company.*
All UNIQLO employees, regardless of nationality, will work and develop with other individuals at different offices and sites around the world.
Selected students who are offered jobs at UNIQLO will be invited to participate in the company's Store Manager Candidate Training Program if they wish to do so, provided they successfully complete part-time work experience in stores prior to graduating from university. (After joining the company, individuals who successfully complete this program will learn the duties of store managers and will be expected to become successful business managers who can play active, global roles).


Value of internships and part-time work

The work of a store manager is an essential part of becoming a business manager at UNIQLO, which is why the company will provide internships and/or part-time work opportunities to any student who is interested in joining the company. UNIQLO believes that internships offer a way to train individuals so they can become effective, thoughtful store managers able to take the lead on the sales floor. The company will provide opportunities to gain firsthand experience in running store operations, so trainees can determine whether they can commit themselves to developing as individuals, as part of what should ideally be a lifelong commitment.

In addition to a four-day internship program (including experience in the stores and at headquarters), UNIQLO will run two part-time work programs, including a short-term plan where participants will work for periods of two months, as well as a long-term program where students can participate for periods longer than three months. This will allow individuals from as early as their first year of university to gain work experience and learn Fast Retailing as well as UNIQLO's corporate mission, vision and fundamental management principles, while still attending classes.

Furthermore, individuals who pass their interviews after successfully completing their internships or part-time work experience will be issued with 'UNIQLO passports.' This will allow them to skip to the final interview of the job application process for full-time positions.


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