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Last Updated: 2011.06.23

UNIQLO, Ms. Jil Sander to Conclude +J Collection Collaboration

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After three years of collaboration in designing the UNIQLO +J collection, UNIQLO and celebrated fashion designer Ms. Jil Sander have decided to conclude their cooperation with the +J 2011 fall and winter collection.

The collaborative relationship started in March 2009. Subsequently, UNIQLO and Ms. Sander worked closely together under the slogan "Open the Future". Both sides were inspired by the mutual desire to develop new possibilities in casual wear. The UNIQLO +J collection embodies the vision of intelligent design, high quality and iconic silhouettes: freshness and modern beauty for everyone.

The UNIQLO +J collection debuted in October 2009. Since its launch, the +J collection has been held in high regard and enthusiastically received by a broad spectrum of customers worldwide.

With the recent completion of the design of the UNIQLO +J 2011 fall and winter collection, Ms. Sander and UNIQLO agreed that they had fully explored the possibilities of their creative collaboration and accomplished what they had set out to do. Consequently, the two parties have decided to wrap up their design consulting agreement with this collection.

While the UNIQLO +J 2011 fall and winter collection will be the final offering of this collection, UNIQLO sincerely hopes and is confident that customers will enjoy, and profit from, the last installment of this unique collaborative effort.


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