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Last Updated: 2011.02.07

Newly Refined Sarafine and Silky Dry Lines of Functional Innerwear for Summer On Sale Now

Newly Refined Sarafine and Silky Dry Lines of
Functional Innerwear for Summer On Sale Now

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UNIQLO's Sarafine and Silky Dry lines of functional innerwear for summer hit stores today. Both lines of functional innerwear are crafted to help weather the hot and humid days of summer in cool comfort.
The Sarafine range offers women functionality tantamount to a "wearable air conditioner" that quickly absorbs and removes excess moisture. This line has been further refined for 2011 with a new bra tank top, UV-cut features and perspiration-absorbent padding. Similarly, Silky Dry innerwear range for men is so comfortable you can easily forget you are wearing it and this year has been enhanced with improved anti-odor qualities that further reduce odor.


Sarafine: Superior innerwear offering cool comfort

Sarafine innerwear functions like a "wearable air conditioner" for women. The line is made of a high-tech fiber that combines the cupro fiber of Asahi Kasei Corp. with the modified cross-section nylon of Toray Industries, Inc. Cupro breathes and absorbs excess moisture to maintain a level of dry comfort and combined with the modified cross-section nylon produces a soft texture and silky feel.

In response to strong demand from our customers, UNIQLO has added a bra tank top to the 2011 product lineup as well as items with a UV-cut feature and perspiration-absorbent padding. This year purchasers can also indulge in stripe and dot patterns.

Product features
Wicks away moisture: The fabric breathes to release moisture and perspiration, ensuring a dry, fresh feel.
Comfort: A soft texture that is silky to the touch.
Absorbs perspiration, dries quickly: Perspiration and excess moisture is quickly absorbed and released, ensuring dry comfort.
Cool feeling: Body heat is quickly released to create a cool, refreshing sensation.
Stretchable: The fabric stretches to perfectly fit your body.
Anti-microbial, deodorizing: It reduces odors, even when the fabric is dried indoors.
UV cut: A UV-cut feature blocks ultraviolet rays to protect the skin.

Note: Not all items offer the UV-cut feature.


Silky Dry: Innerwear for men you almost forget you're wearing.

This series of innerwear features extremely fine fibers jointly developed by UNIQLO and Toray Industries, Inc. The fibers are so fine the innerwear feels amazingly silky and fits the body without feeling restrictive. The Silky Dry series of innerwear also boasts our Dry feature that quickly absorbs and releases perspiration. This line is so comfortable you will almost forget you're wearing it.

For 2011, the anti-odor qualities have been further improved to reduce unwanted body odors. The fabric also breathes better, for a drier, more refreshing feel.

Product features
Almost unnoticeable: The feel is so silky you almost forget you're wearing innerwear.
Absorbs perspiration, dries quickly: Superior Dry feature that quickly absorbs perspiration for a dry, refreshing feel.
Stretchable: Elasticity fits the body's movement and allows the innerwear to move freely under clothes without catching.
Anti-microbial, deodorizing feature: The fabric has been specially treated to reduce odors, even when hung indoors

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