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Last Updated: 2010.10.22

Winter is here and so is the real warmth and genuine comfort of UNIQLO's HEATTECH

Winter is here and so is the real warmth and genuine
comfort of UNIQLO's HEATTECH, which continues
to redefine winter throughout the world.

Toray Industries, Inc.
to Japanese


Since forging a collaborative relationship in 2006, UNIQLO CO., LTD. (Chairman, President and CEO Tadashi Yanai) and Toray Industries, Inc. (President and COO Akihiro Nikkaku) have continued to offer value-added clothing that enriches the lives of consumers. Under this groundbreaking strategic partnership, UNIQLO, with its SPA (Specialty store retailer of Private-label Apparel) business model, and Toray, a leading materials manufacturer, have transcended the traditional limits of their businesses to establish a seamlessly integrated system that unifies every stage of development, from the production of materials to the final point of sale.
Earlier this year, the two companies announced they had signed a second five-year plan under the strategic partnership, paving the way for continued, mutually beneficial collaboration that will build upon the shared success of the first five-year plan. Under this agreement, the firms will work together to maximize their areas of expertise, while significantly adding value and enhancing the speed and efficiency of material development, production and sales.
HEATTECH functional innerwear, made from revolutionary fabric that resolves the problem of overdressing in the winter, is the crowning achievement of this strategic partnership. HEATTECH fibers absorb moisture released by the body, allowing the material to generate heat, while air pockets within the material help to continually retain warmth.


■ HEATTECH, developed from scratch and based on more than 10,000 prototypes, is the height of cutting-edge textile technology.

HEATTECH was painstakingly developed from more than 10,000 prototypes, culminating this year in the ultimate in warmth and comfort.. Manufactured on an exclusive production line and based on extensive research of the human body, HEATTECH is extraordinarily thin and lightweight. The material also features an array of innovative features, including anti-bacterial and anti-odor functions, as well as moisturizing properties in the women's line and a quick-dry feature in the men's products. The stretchable material also ensures a superior fit, freedom of movement and remarkable comfort from the moment a HEATTECH item is put on. In short, the HEATTECH line offers complete warmth without the hassle of bulky clothing.


■ Seven Features of HEATTECH

Heat Generation:Fibers in the material absorb moisture from the body and generate heat.  
Heat Retention:Air pockets between the fibers help to retain heat.
Moisturizing:Milk proteins blended into the fiber ensure a soft touch (women's items only).
Quick-Drying:Moisture evaporates immediately to produce a sense of dryness (men's items only).
Anti-Odor:Special anti-bacterial processing keeps unpleasant odors in check.
Stretchable:Stretchable fabric offers a light, comfortable fit.
Anti-static:The fiber reduces discomfort from static electricity.
Shape Retention: A unique weave prevents the fabric from wrinkling or losing its shape after washing.


■ With more than 100 million units sold worldwide, HEATTECH continues to globally redefine winter wear.

HEATTECH, which can be combined and layered with other articles of clothing, is much more than functional innerwear. More than 100 million HEATTECH items were sold from the line's launch in 2003 up to last year. HEATTECH continues to impress consumers throughout the world, freeing people from the need to wear bulky winter clothing in Japan, New York, London, Paris, China, Hong Kong and Singapore. Cutting-edge HEATTECH fabric represents the power of Japanese technology.


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