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Last Updated: 2011.02.07

Style Up Light to Join Style Up Lineup

Style Up Light to Join Style Up Lineup
--Lighter, Posture-Supporting Comfort--

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UNIQLO welcomes Style Up Light to the ranks of UNIQLO's acclaimed line of Style Up body-shaping innerwear. Available today at UNIQLO stores nationwide, Style Up Light is perfect for both spring and summer. Made of a thinner, lighter material than its predecessor and featuring a special Dry feature, Style Up Light enables the wearer to enjoy attractive bodylines in a natural, unforced manner that promises the ultimate in comfort.

The UNIQLO Style Up line is crafted to support the posture of the wearer. A beautiful body begins with a beautiful posture, which is precisely what Style Up products are engineered to achieve. Variations in the weave pattern work to naturally support the body and enhance wearer awareness of back lines and hips. In addition, the garment is designed to hold in check potential problem areas, such as the waist and the thighs, for even cleaner body lines.

In its first year, Style Up Light is made with thinner and lighter materials. Combined with our Dry feature--which keeps perspiration at bay--Style Up Light is the perfect way to enjoy constant comfort during the hot summer season. With the traditional Style Up line on call for situations demanding more substantial support, wearer's can pick and choose the right product for the right occasion.


Style Up Light Features

  • Thinner fabric yields a lighter feel.
  • Enhances wearer awareness of back and hips resulting in a more beautiful look in a natural, unforced manner.
  • No constrictive feeling thanks to tailoring the strength of the weave to fit the body.
  • Conforms to the body and designed to minimize lines through outerwear.
  • Dry feature ensures silky comfort, combined with superior breathability.


How It Works: Style Up Camisole (Seamless)


How It Works: Style Up Shorts (Seamless, Mid-Thigh Length)


Style Up Series Product Lineup

*Availability limited to certain stores


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