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Last Updated: 2010.10.22

UNIQLO to Launch HEATTECH Pop-Up Stores in Two Train Terminals in Tokyo

UNIQLO to Launch HEATTECH Pop-Up Stores in
Two Train Terminals in Tokyo
JR Shinjuku and JR Shinagawa Locations to Open Oct. 23

Japan East Retail Net Co., Ltd.
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In an innovative marketing move, UNIQLO will open pop-up stores at JR Shinagawa Station and JR Shinjuku Station in Tokyo on October 23 for a limited period to offer its signature HEATTECH functional innerwear to busy consumers and commuters. Customers at these short-term retail pop-up stores will be able to conveniently purchase HEATTECH items using cash or credit cards, as well as Suica and Mobile Suica contactless payment methods. These dedicated pop-up stores will be open daily from 10:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. until December 10, 2010. As a new model for customer communications, the pop-up stores offer UNIQLO an opportunity to interact with the nearly 800,000 daily users of Shinagawa Station and the 3.3 million people who pass through Shinjuku Station every day.


■ UNIQLO Uses Pop-Up Store Concept to Reach Out to Busy Consumers

UNIQLO is always looking for ways to offer a more convenient shopping environment and the October 23 launch of temporary HEATTECH pop-up stores at JR Shinjuku and JR Shinagawa stations in Tokyo is part of the company's ongoing efforts to reach out to its customers.

In 2000, UNIQLO signed a partnership agreement with Japan East Retail Co., Ltd. under which it launched stores in major transit hubs such as Tokyo, Shibuya and Ikebukuro stations, but also in suburban parts of the greater Tokyo area, such as Funabashi and Inage. UNIQLO is now pursuing branding opportunities with advertisements in JR Yamanote Line trains, in addition to outdoor advertisements, while providing customers with a more convenient shopping experience.

Creative director Kashiwa Sato, who has overseen the development of prime UNIQLO locations such as the company's global flagship stores, worked with interior designer Masamichi Katayama of Wonderwall Inc. to produce a compelling design concept for UNIQLO's pop-up stores. Large-format stores remain one of UNIQLO's primary growth strategies, but the company is also focusing on opening stores in convenient locations for customers. Pop-up stores are another key strategy for UNIQLO to position itself within the orbit of daily commuters, who are sure to be pleasantly surprised by the sudden appearance of dedicated HEATTECH stores in JR Shinagawa and JR Shinjuku stations.


■ A New Way to Communicate the Benefits of HEATTECH

UNIQLO's pop-up stores offer a new way to communicate with consumers. Occupying prime spaces in two of Tokyo's busiest stations, which cater to a total of over four million users daily, these HEATTECH-focused locations are sure to generate interest among the scores of commuters who pass through these bustling transport hubs. Simple store layouts and a focused product selection will make it easy for passers-by to quickly find the items they need while enjoying the fun and revolutionary comfort of HEATTECH. Pop-up stores are an ideal communication model to match UNIQLO's emphasis on creating a continuous dialogue with its customers.


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