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Last Updated: 2010.08.31

UNIQLO Integrates Shoe Brands Under Specialty CANDISH Line

UNIQLO Integrates Shoe Brands Under Specialty CANDISH Line
New CANDISH Cushion Series on Sale for 2010 Fall Season


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UNIQLO CO., LTD. merged its shoe businesses in August, including its VIEW and BIJOUX lines, under its existing CANDISH brand. The CANDISH chain of specialty stores offers UNIQLO shoes, which are already available at select UNIQLO locations, as well as the CANDISH collection. For the 2010 Fall season, CANDISH presents its new Cushion Series, which features shock-absorbent insoles for additional cushioning and maximum comfort. The Cushion Series shoes come in two different styles and a wide range of colors, at the amazing prize of 1,990 yen per pair. As a manufacturer and retailer, UNIQLO offers high-quality, comfortable casual footwear at affordable prices.

■ CANDISH: A New Name for UNIQLO'S Shoe Businesses

UNIQLO CO., LTD. integrated all of its specialty shoe brands in August, including its VIEW and BIJOUX lines, to add five new stores to its network of 85 CANDISH stores. CANDISH is a specialty shoe chain offering both UNIQLO SHOES and the CANDISH brand collection under one roof.


■ The New CANDISH Cushion Series: UNIQLO Comfort, Stylish Footwear

UNIQLO focused on comfort for the 2010 Fall season by offering new shock-absorbent insoles for extra cushioning. These three-layer insoles provide maximum comfort via a mix of materials with varying degrees of softness. The line is available at all CANDISH stores and select UNIQLO stores. As a specialty shoe retailer, CANDISH also offers a wide range of new items for the fall season. STYLE UP BOOTS feature 3-cm inner heels to create the appearance of long legs, while SYNTHETIC LEATHER BOOTS offer the authentic look and feel of real leather. UNIQLO offers high-quality, ultra-comfortable casual footwear at affordable prices.

■ NEW Cushion Series: Product Features

We improved the insoles in UNIQLO's popular ROUND PUMPS and RIBBONED BALLET SHOES to produce ultra-comfortable shoes in a wide range of colors for the affordable price of 1,990 yen. Please note that some sizes and colors will be exclusively available at CANDISH specialty shoe stores.



* The ROUND PUMPS and the RIBBONED BALLET SHOES will be available at 90 CANDISH stores and 93 large-format UNIQLO stores, as well as UNIQLO's online store: http://store.uniqlo.com

■ Number of Styles: New 2010 Fall/Winter Arrivals

CANDISH: Ballet shoes - five styles / Pumps - 10 styles / Boots - 22 styles
UNIQLO SHOES: Ballet shoes - one style / Pumps - one style / Boots - four styles

■ Featured 2010 Fall/Winter Arrivals

STYLE UP BOOTS: Available in four different styles
The hidden inner heel adds three centimeters to the slender design, making your legs look longer and more attractive. The insole features anti-bacterial, anti-odor and moisture-absorbing properties to provide maximum comfort.


SYNTHETIC LEATHER BOOTS: Available in 13 different styles
Our boots are now come in special synthetic leather, the closest approximation of real leather that is currently available. Choose from a broad range of styles, including boots with fashionable faux fur and authentic jockey boots.



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