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Last Updated: 2010.08.30

g.u. Launches First Flagship Store g.u. Shinsaibashi Store to Open October 22

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Bringing more freedom to the world of fashion, g.u. is pleased to announce that it will open its first flagship store, the g.u. Shinsaibashi Store on Friday, October 22. Boasting a massive sales floor of 1,650 square meters, the store will be the largest yet as it brings to life the brand's concept of amazing fashion at low prices. At the same time, the store will offer customers the highest standards in products, sales floor and visual merchandising, functioning as a springboard to broadcast the latest g.u. to the world. 

■ g.u. launches its first flagship "g.u. Shinsaibashi Store" to open on Friday, October 22

In the four years since opening its first store in October 2006, g.u. has been working hard to open larger stores at a rapid clip with an eye to achieving 50 billion yen in sales and a network of 200 stores in 2013. These efforts have culminated in the opening of the inaugural flagship store, the g.u. Shinsaibashi Store, which will open its doors on October 22, 2010. With a sales floor of 1,650 square meters, it will be the largest g.u. store to date. With a fantastic location along Osaka's bustling Shinsaibashi-suji Shopping Street, which is packed with both established brands and up-and-coming new shops. This prime location and shop scale will make it easier for more people to enjoy the latest fashion and freshest products from the g.u. brand and act as a platform to spread g.u. from Shinsaibashi to every corner of Japan.

■ g.u. presents "amazing fashion at a low-price"

The g.u. Shinsaibashi Store will be the fist g.u. store to have multiple levels, with a four-story structure running from the basement floor to the third floor. The spacious interior is easy to navigate with a full line up of products for men, women and children. To leverage this massive space, special items available exclusively at the store will be marketed to cater to the fashion-conscious customers that frequent the Shinsaibashi district. Each floor features 10 mannequins to visually present coordinated versions of the newest in fashion merchandise available at incredibly low prices showcasing the brand concept of "amazing fashion at a low price."

■ Opening sale to commemorate the g.u. Shinsaibashi Store opening

To commemorate the opening, a three-say sale will be held from October 22. There will be many incredible bargains, including women's and men's fleece T-shirts priced at 290 yen (normally 490 yen) and outerwear at 1,290 yen (normally 1,990 yen). Don't miss the opening of the new g.u. Shinsaibashi Store and the fashion gems that it has to offer.

Store Information
Name :   g.u. Shinsaibashi Store 
Opening date :   Friday, October 22, 2010 
Hours :   11:00 to 21:00 
Floor space :   1,650 sq. meters 
Address :   Shinsaibashi 2-1-17, Chuo-ku, Osaka 


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