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Last Updated: 2010.08.23

UNIQLO Launches First Global Flagship Store in Japan "UNIQLO Shinsaibashi" to Open on Oct. 1

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UNIQLO's Shinsaibashi store, the company's fifth global flagship store, will open on Friday, October 1 in Osaka, Japan. It will join UNIQLO's other global flagship stores in New York, London, Paris and Shanghai. The massive, 2,640-sqm floor at the highly anticipated Shinsaibashi location will feature the latest quality products, service and creativity to showcase the best of UNIQLO to the world. Our first global flagship store in Japan will help us to share UNIQLO's message with everyone from Osaka to the world.

Shinsaibashi Store: UNIQLO's First Global Flagship Location in Japan to Open on Oct. 1

On Oct. 1, UNIQLO's Shinsaibashi Global Flagship Store will be launched and join the ranks of the ones in New York, London, Paris and Shanghai. This will be the first UNIQLO global flagship store in Japan. UNIQLO selected Osaka as the site of its newest global flagship because of the key role that the city has played in the company's development. In October 2004, UNIQLO opened its first large-format store in the Shinsaibashi-suji shopping district in central Osaka. This paved the way for the large-format store to become one of UNIQLO's major growth engines, with new locations opening in commercial districts throughout Japan, including the Ginza store in Tokyo. Osaka has long been Japan's historical commercial hub and home to a wealth of discerning consumers. UNIQLO has drawn on its experience with its first large-format store there to continuously improve its product and services, as well as the way it managed the other large-format stores it later launched.

UNQLO opened its first global flagship location in New York City in 2006. The UNIQLO Soho store offered fashion-conscious New Yorkers the company's finest products and services presented with impeccable visual merchandising methods  and laid the foundations for the launch of global flagships in London in 2008, Paris in 2009 and Shanghai in May, 2010. Most importantly, these high-profile locations gave UNIQLO the opportunity to communicate with people across the world.

In October 2010, UNIQLO will come full circle, following a long journey from that first large-format store in Osaka to the US, Europe, Asia and back again. After the launch of the global flagship store in Shinsaibashi, UNIQLO would like to open more flagships in major cities around the world, so global consumers can enjoy the UNIQLO experience.



Store Overview
Name:   UNIQLO Shinsaibashi Store  
Opening Date:   Friday, Oct. 1, 2010  
Hours: 11:00 a.m. to 21:00 p.m. 
Address:   Shinsaibashi 1-2-17, Chuo-ku, Osaka 
Floor Space:   Approximately 2,640 sq. meters (From the first floor to the fourth floor)


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