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Last Updated: 2010.08.16

UNIQLO HEATTECH Line Hits Stores Nationwide on August 16, 2010 Sales Launch Marks Arrival of Genuine Warmth and Comfort

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UNIQLO announced the nationwide sales launch of its 2010 HEATTECH clothing line on August 16, 2010. UNIQLO, which sold nearly 50 million HEATTECH items last year, first started developing the clothing line seven years ago, following intensive technological development of cutting-edge fabric that generates and retains warmth, in addition to five other functions. HEATTECH represents the ultimate achievement in warmth and comfort.

HEATTECH: Amazing Technology

Revolutionary HEATTECH technology has liberated consumers from the age-old dilemma of how to keep warm by weathering the cold months of winter without bothering with bulky clothing. HEATTECH fabric absorbs moisture released by the body and generates heat. Air pockets within the material, meanwhile, offer superior insulation by retaining warmth.

Developed from scratch and based on more than 10,000 prototypes, HEATTECH is the embodiment of cutting-edge textile technology.

HEATTECH is a revolutionary fabric that has been jointly developed by leading fiber manufacturer Toray Industries and UNIQLO with the aim of offering the ultimate in warmth and comfort. More than 10,000 prototypes and samples have culminated in the 2010 version of the HEATTECH fabric, based on extensive research of the human body.
HEATTECH is manufactured on an exclusive production line. This extraordinarily thin material features an astounding array of innovative functions, including anti-bacterial and anti-odor functions, as well as moisturizing properties in the women's line. The impressively light men's version of the fabric also dries quickly. The stretchable material also provides a superior fit, offering unparalleled flexibility in terms of movement. A remarkable sense of comfort is immediately apparent from the moment a HEATTECH item is first worn. The HEATTECH line offers total warmth without resorting to bulky fabric or compromising freedom of movement.    

Seven Features of HEATTECH

Heat Generation:   The material absorbs moisture from the body and generates heat.  
Heat Retention: Air pockets woven into the threads retain heat.   
Moisturizing: Milk proteins in the material create a soft, moist touch (Women's only).  
Quick-Drying:   Moisture evaporates immediately to produce a feeling of dryness (Men's only).  
Anti-Odor: Special antibacterial processing keeps potentially unpleasant odors in check.  
Stretchable: Stretchable fabric offers a light, comfortable fit.  
Shape Retention: Unique weave prevents the fabric from wrinkling or losing its shape after washing.  

Over 100 million items sold worldwide. HEATTECH continues to change winter throughout the world.

HEATTECH is excellent, functional inner wear that allows people to wear multiple layers. More than 100 million HEATTECH items have been sold worldwide since its introduction in 2003. The line has impressed global consumers in Japan, New York, London, Paris, China, Hong Kong and Singapore by freeing them from the bulkiness of winter clothing. HEATTECH is a product of Japan's cutting-edge thread technology.


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