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Last Updated: 2010.04.07

The Biggest UNIQLO Global Flagship Store in Shanghai Opening May 15th

The Biggest UNIQLO Global Flagship Store To Date
Shanghai West Nanjing Road Store Opening May 15th

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Following stores in New York, Paris, and London, UNIQLO will open the Shanghai West Nanjing Road Store on May 15th, its 4th and largest global flagship store.
Boasting a massive sales floor of 3,300 square meters, the UNIQLO Shanghai Global Flagship Store will bring together the latest fashions with the highest standards in products, visual merchandising, sales and store operations, customer service and creativity. The Shanghai West Nanjing Store will serve as a base for UNIQLO to reach from Shanghai to the rest of Asia and the world.

UNIQLO's Global Flagship Store at West Nanjing Road Opening May 15th

UNIQLO's 4th global flagship following New York, London, and Paris, with the Shanghai West Nanjing Road store, UNIQLO will establish a presence on Shanghai's most prominent fashion avenue.

Often referred to as the "world's development center," Asia is the largest developing market in the world. Already referred to as the "Center of Asia," Shanghai is the largest city in that market, and is now set to become the "Center of the World." This energy and excitement serves as the backdrop for UNIQLO's newest global flagship store. Through the Shanghai West Nanjing Road store, UNIQLO will share its brand message of quality, style, and value with the entire world.


The Shanghai West Nanjing Road store will feature 320 mannequins on 3 floors displaying the numerous ways to coordinate and combine UNIQLO's fashions, the most of any global flagship. A glass case set in the ceiling of the main entrance will feature rotating mannequins displaying the latest merchandise. 

The entrance from the subway will feature an atrium that opens across all 3 floors and a special display of "flying mannequins" moving from top to bottom, giving customers in the new store a fresh and unexpected surprise.

Shanghai Global Flagship Store
   Shanghai West Nanjing Road Store Summary

Store name:      Shanghai West Nanjing Road Store
Opening Date:   Saturday, May 15th, 2010
Address:   969 West Nanjing Road, Jing'an District, Shanghai (West Nanjing Road Station, Maoming Road North Entrance)
Shop Floor Area:    Shop Floor 3,600 square meters spread over 3 floors

Shanghai Global Flagship Opening Featured Items: Vast Selections of Polo Shirts, T-shirts, Casual Dresses, Jeans

Featured items at the May 15th opening will include the polo shirt, one of UNIQLO's quintessential items. It will be available in 88 colors (a doubling-up of the number "8," considered lucky in Chinese culture) for both men and women, including colors exclusive to the Shanghai Global Flagship Store. The quality and color variations of this item really capture the heart of what UNIQLO is all about.
Another item that will debut at the opening is the "Shanghai Pop Culture Project" T-shirt. Designed by local artists representing China's leading designers, these additions to the immensely popular "UT" line were created with the theme "Creativity: From Shanghai to the World." Staying with the lucky number, 8 designs will be available to celebrate the store opening.

A special UNIQLO original casual dress created specifically to commemorate the opening will be available, as well as this spring's UJ jeans. The UJ jeans will be specially priced just for the global flagship opening so that the greatest possible number of customers can experience what sets UNIQLO apart.

Notable Names Will Bring News of the Shanghai Global Flagship Store Opening to the World

6 local celebrities with talents that can be appreciated anywhere in the world will be on hand at the flagship opening. As the stars of the new ad campaign, they will be there to share the news of the global flagship store opening as well as the UNIQLO perspective with Shanghai, China, and the world.

The 3 remarkably talented men chosen for the campaign are Chen Kun (actor, singer), Fan Datong (singer/songwriter), Huang Dou Dou (dancer). Truly, there is not a person in Shanghai who doesn't know these names. Appearing with them will be 3 Shanghai-native ladies, Sun Li (singer, actress), Du Juan (supermodel), Tan Yuan Yuan (ballet dancer). To celebrate the opening of the Shanghai Global Flagship Store, these 6 will be appearing in outdoor and newspaper ads as well as TV commercials.


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