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Last Updated: 2010.03.24


- HEATTECH for winter, a new TECH for summer -
UNIQLO's TECH Summer Innerwear

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For winter, UNIQLO makes TECH innerwear called HEATTECH. Since the line debuted in 2003, it has been a hit every year, a true representation of UNIQLO.
Now we're bringing our TECH line into summer with SILKY DRY and SARAFINE innerwear. SILKY DRY men's innerwear offers groundbreaking technology and an unforgettable experience, making the feeling of "wearing nothing" a reality. SARAFINE women's innerwear quickly wicks away moisture, keeping customers cool and comfortable under their clothes.

 TECH innerwear makes the hot, sticky weather of summer comfortable

The sweltering days of summer are drawing near. UNIQLO changed what the world wears in winter with our HEATTECH innerwear, and now we're doing the same for the summer. Our TECH innerwear lines SILKY DRY and SARAFINE are UNIQLO's key offerings for the summer. 

 SILKY DRY the "wearing nothing" men's innerwear

The superfine fibers jointly developed by UNIQLO and Toray, give SILKY DRY a fit like a second skin, without feeling tight or confining.
The fabric makes it feel like one is "wearing nothing."

<Product Benefit>

・ Comfortable as bare skin, you'll forget you're wearing it
・ Rapidly wicks moisture away for superior drying action
・ Smooth comfort. High quality lustrous finish
・ Anti-odor, anti-bacterial

 SARAFINE the "air-conditioned" women's innerwear

UNIQLO's high-tech fabric combines Asahi Kasei's "Cupra" breathable fibers with tripot cross-section nylon from Toray Industries.  Cupra quickly absorbs
moisture, keeping you feeling dry and comfortable under your clothes.
In combination with tripot cross-section nylon, it creates a beautifully smooth and silky feeling next to your skin. It is air-conditioning that you can wear

<Product Benefit>

・ Rapidly wicks moisture away for superior comfort
・ Smooth and try to the touch
・ Stretch comfort
・ Anti-odor, anti-bacterial


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